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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Breeding Mares

I made a plan a long time ago that I wanted to breed Jess this year.  I had pretty much decided last spring who I wanted to breed her to on the suggestion of her previous owner, so all last year we watched his colts and liked them, they are decent, and they look good and they are winning.  So I phoned up the owner and made a date for Jess.  Took her down last Friday and got the tour and left her there.  Bit weird not having her at home here.  Pretty excited about this foal, I'm not even sure I care if its a colt or filly.
(Jess was just happy for grass didn't care about a whole lot of other stuff going on )

(Dually Cat, he has a big pen right by the house)

I also don't really like one foal they seem better when there are 2 so I was on the look for another mare I liked, probly said this before but I was planning on buying this fall an in foal mare but then along came Nita and shes perfect (except she jumps Texas gates) I can ride her, she is short and she is decently bred.  And now I can get my Hesgottabefamous colt that I have always wanted.  So I took her down Friday as well since its sorta on the way.  I just love going down there I always come away with more knowledge then when I got there.  She knows quite a few of the stallions on her papers, her cousin even owned one of them so that was kinda cool.  They were collecting off a stallion when I was there, the new guy Fix N To and he was so funny, rather noisy and excited until he was done he fell asleep on the dummy lol.  Then they bred a couple mares, always something going on there.
(they gave me a whole folder full of info)
(the stallion poster)

(Barrel incentive, not sure I will get any of this but kinda cool anyways)

(and of course the new guy)

After we went out to see Famous and hes so quiet and nice, I still like him.  She said his offspring are not much taller than him, and willing and handy.  Sounds perfect.  Said a race barn in Edmonton has 4 in right now and they are so easy a monkey could ride them.  Sounds perfect for me :)  I decided to put her in the group and Carol said if it doesn't work she can be in her own pen but she likes her herd so I think it will be best.  I'm hoping for a colt out of this cross.
(they are already cutting hay down south, I know they are ahead of us but wow crazy)

Super excited for next year and the couple years after that!!  Fingers crossed all goes well and both get bred easy.  My worst fear is Nita will catch and Jess won't.  But I will be patient and try not to worry.


Mrs Shoes said...

Nothing quite so pretty as new born foals....

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Nice studs!!

cdncowgirl said...

I love the studs at SRSS, and I've been checking out that new guy Fix N To... looks like he's just as good a quality stud as any of the others standing there!

Shirley said...

I like that new black colt they have at Sandy Ridge, the son of Fast Moon Chic. (Of course it doesn't hurt that he's black!)
I hope both mares settle for you, those should be some pretty nice foals!