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Friday, May 5, 2017


Well things are happening around here.  It suddenly got hot out, yesterday was 28*C and today they forcast 30!  way too hot for beginning of May.  Especially considering Tuesday had rain and hail and cold weather all day.

But we got our bulls back to the yard from the spring pasture and tested them yesterday, sure not my favorite job but its got to be done.  We had one that never tested but he was 6 and almost lame so not a big deal, he will just go to town next week.  We bought 2 new ones this spring after the CFIA killed 2 of them and so with 26 less cows we will have enough.  The new ones are gonna come anytime this week so that will be good to have everything here.

I started a bunch of seeds in early April, about a month later than usual but the tomatoes were getting big anyways so I transplanted them and they have been outside the last couple days when its been so warm.  Its right off the deck facing East, super handy as I have them on the window seat overnight so its nice and close.

And today off to drop off my trailer so they can do some repairs/additions and then to the draft horse sale in Olds, still hunting for a pony harness and whatever other treasures there is.


TeresaA said...

Spring is very busy for you at the ranch. How do you find time to ride.

Shirley said...

Crazy weather this year.
Hope you find some harness and don't come home with a draft team! Never know with you!

Mrs Shoes said...

Yeeuuuh, yesterday here was 25 & today it is 10.
Go Spring.