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Monday, November 21, 2011

More on Shasta

Well today was the big day, sorta.  First of all our accountant come out for an early tax call so we could do something and not pay so much income tax, well turns out that isn't a problem.  But he was late so I wasn't sure I was gonna get to go ride, but I went anyways after he left.  I never got any pictures of Shasta (stoopid me)  cause I forgot till after I turned her out and it was dark out, of course.

Well I rode Razz and she was good like always, so we just had a short ride and then I got Shasta, still not sure I am stuck on that name, but unless another one comes to me that will be her name.  Anyways when I caught her and Disco cause they are in a pen together, I put them in stalls opposite each other.  I saddled Shasta before I rode Razz.  So I went and got her and put a snaffle on her cause that's what I was told she was ridden in last and got on.  She tensed up a little when I first stepped on so I had her moving in circles right away and then walked around the arena.  I totally forgot to walk her around before I got on and she looked a little odd at the tractor and the mirror.  I always forget about the mirror in there unless its a young horse.  But she kept going and all was good so I asked for a trot and that was fine, we did some figure eights and she was just good.  Not very bendy, but sure does know how to move her shoulders.  She also doesn't know how to rollback, and her stops are not very good.  But all in all not a too bad.  I didn't lope cause I was more nervous than  I think she woulda been bad.

When we were on the way home on Sunday, Charlene pulled out the papers and the name that was on them as the last owner was one of the 4H kids I used to help!  Kinda weird!  So tonight I gave her a call and asked her all about this mare.  She said they just didn't get along so she traded for a nice gelding she really likes.  She also said she had been patterned on barrels but she only loped them, she had been tracking steers but she never roped off her, she doesn't like white cows.  Don't know what that meant never had a horse that was picky about color of cows before, but who knows.  Said she was really cowy and has lots of energy, better if ridden every day.  She also said she is pretty sensitive when it comes to spurs and she put a shank bit on her and she reared up.  All good things to know I guess, and she seems to be alright.  I can't argue about not getting along with a horse, cause I had Dinero and didn't get along with him, not that he was bad, just not for me. 

I found her old sale ad on the Internet last night too and in it it says she is broke to drive, so who knows maybe I will be using my cutter this winter.  I don't know what I will do with her, but will ride her this winter and see how it goes then decide.


fernvalley01 said...

sounds interesting . I couldn't see the add, so am waiting impatiently to see pics. You sound like you have a good handle on her already

Leah Fry said...

I like the name Sage, as in the ad. And she looks lovely.

Shirley said...

All the things you mentioned about the new mare are things that can be fixed; I'm guessing that she needs dental work, which might fix the bit sensitivity.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

After seeing how our ranch horses freaked out about the dairy cows our neighbor has, I don't scoff at the notion that a horse might be wary of a cow of 'a different color'. But they get over it.

Sounds like the rest of it is just holes in her training and I bet you'll have her fixed in no time.

Those Hempen/Bar Hempen horses are well received in the barrel horse world (particularly as broodmares), but she is also Ettabo and Lady Bugs Moon. They really went for the 'run' in the top line.

On the bottom she's Page Lee, Poco Dell and Tomichi. People don't really recognize the Page Lee name, but he was a very, nice, double-bred Lady Coolidge horse. He produced a lot of nice show and rodeo-type horses. Tomichi was a son of Leo and produced race/arena horses. And I have always liked the Poco Dell horses. They were so pretty.

So lots of nice blood in there and from the picture, she looks pretty nice herself. Can't wait to see some better pics of her.