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Monday, November 28, 2011


Well I have to make some decisions here pretty quick.  I have three horses boarded at Jardi's right now and that will get a little too expensive for me to keep it that way and seeing as I had planned on only having one there over the winter this is not gonna last.  But I don't know who to take home.

My original plan was to take Razz home and ride Disco all winter and see what she can do, but now I have an option to take lessons from Doug and I think I would be better off taking Razz.  And I never even planned on Shasta cause I am pretty suspicious about people wanting to trade until the deal is actually done.  So now I have her to think of too.

If I went the easy way I would take Disco home and just ride Shasta for a while then ride Razz.  But I know I should ride Disco more and give her a fair chance.  And I kinda want to ride Shasta more cause I am kinda liking her.  I was kinda hoping it would be nice enough out that I could ride her outside and hopefully see if her lope improves.  I think it is better than the first time, but still seems like someone has either held her back all the time or just doesn't know how to stretch out.  I checked her back the other day and I couldn't find a single sore spot.  Oh and I measured her and she is just a smidge under 15 hands.  So just about perfect.

I shall go today and ride them all hopefully and try  to make a choice.  I should at least decide between the weekend for them as well as me.  Cause I know I am not enthused about riding three and by the time I get to the third one I don't even want to ride anymore.  And I feel like if I want to ride more than 20 minutes I am exhausted.  I need to ride longer than that at least on who I am going to take to lessons or they just don't stay in good enough shape.

And I better get on the ball cause the show last Saturday was cancelled for not enough entries so if I want to go sooner is probly better than later.  I am okay with fewer entries and I think after Christmas is when more people show up.  But should still be okay.  Char was asking Doug about showing and he says he wouldn't go to small shows like that unless he was schooling so who knows.  But since I am riding razz with reining I will be schooling so it might be better for us.  He suggested we show ACHA (Alberta Cutting Horse Association) next year especially if she wants to go to the Supreme cause if we are competitive there she should be okay. 


Country Gal said...

Looks like you have a lot to think about. Am I missing something here lol, I just have one ? If you have a horse ranch why do you board some of your horses else where ? Have a good evening.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I sooo feel you on this. It can be a nightmare to make a decision on which one(s) to keep going with when you have limited time and then you always feel like you short-changed the one left out...cause ya know that's a good 'un too and just needs the time.

Janice said...

I sure wish I could ride indoors for the winter....maybe then I would get ahead with these horses, it's really hard to keep up with them when we get 6 or 7 months of Winter and crap in between....but you know all about that. well I guess you will make that choice when you need to.

fernvalley01 said...

I have no idea! I would suggest take the one you want to take lessons on and if finances allow , maybe rotate the other two, on for a month then the other?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

"I am not enthused about riding three and by the time I get to the third one I don't even want to ride anymore"

I had to chuckle at those words. :)
Sounds like that is your baseline answer. Now just to decide who stays and who goes home. I like what FV suggested, too.


Shirley said...

I was thinking along the same lines as Sherry- alternate between Disco and Shasta, according to which one needs most work in one given week. Razz for sure to stay, because you'll be showing her.
I might be able to ride at the local indoor arena this winter, which is great because that's what I need to do with Chickory.

Linda said...

Eeny, meny, miny moe! You know what your goal is so you just have to bite the bullet and go with your gut!