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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

More Ponies

Yesterday I guess I didn't explain very good about what's going on.  Duchess is not my horse nor was she in one of the pics.  She belongs to a friend, Susan, and is here for the winter.  (She is a half sister to Charlene's horse Ricki)  She is a sweet horse and the only horse I know that will allow me to hug her head.  And she enjoys it too.
(A not real good pic of Duchess eating cause I was crouched down to far and she is big)

And apperently I think more than I write cause I forgot to say the biggest part of my blanket dilema is because we are going to Vic's for cutting every other weekend and they spend a couple nights in a heated barn.  Then I feel bad putting them back outside without anything on.  Last winter it wasn't till about end of January I put a light blanket on Razz.  But also there are so many horses turned out with her (6 now) that her blanket always ends up getting ripped. 
(Belle, Casino and Jazz in the snow)

She has winter hair, but it is short and thick so I think I will put it off for a while.  No saying I can't blanket her later in the year.  I actually prefer no blankets and my home horses don't get a blanket but they have a windbreak and noone rides them and smooshes the fur down on them either.  If I ride like last year it will be 5-6 days a week and then I think a blanket is gonna be necessary.  Even though I know it won't make less hair cause only light can do that, it seems to prevent a little sweating and makes me feel better, lol.
(The babies--Casino, Jazz and Jamaica)

Oh and the house the other day was not ours, unfortunatly, but we were headed to town and got stopped to let it go by.  There was a pull out so he actually stopped to let us by and they guys behind him pass as well.  It was 40' wide the guy said, so pretty good size.  Still wish it were coming here, sigh.
(Casino looks so little behind Duchess)


Country Gal said...

Nice photos. Your like me think of other things whilst typing something else here lol Have a wonderful day.

Cheyenne said...

Hi! Good pics!! Love this blog, I too, have a mind that races ahead of what i`m writing. ! Then I miss things out I want to say!!Lol

fernvalley01 said...

I was wondering aobut the house , but I figured you would be waaay more excited

Shirley said...

I don't blanket any of the mares, just Beamer. Jazz is growing into a nice solid looking mare. Are you planning on keeping her?