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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Quick Trip to BC

(I love trees that are frosted with snow )
A Month or so ago I made a deal with a girl, J, that I was gonna trade Jamaica and Casino for a mare she had (Shasta).  She didn't get along with this mare cause she had lots of energy and she wanted something quieter.  And she really likes the young ones and likes to start them and get them going.  So I wasn't really looking for a trade, but this mare sounded like a decent mare (She actually sounds a lot like Bailey)  So we conversed forever and finally decided we would do the trade.  I would drive cause she was going to college and I had more time.  This weekend worked for both of us and so yesterday afternoon I loaded up the babies in the trailer which I had bedded down with lots of hay and off I went to pick up Charlene.  We left Drum about 4 and were on the way.  It took Casino only about half hour to get her sea legs and I think it sure helped Jamaica just jumped in and started eating. 
(Jamaica in the trailer in Invermere)

We took  a small detour (about an hour out of our way) when we got to the Radium turn off and missed the sign and we hit Lake Louise and I was pretty sure we weren't supposed to go through it but we went a little farther and finally decided we should stop and ask and sure enough we had to turn around.  We finally found the right corner (silly national parks have brown signs when I was looking for a green one, lol)  and headed down to Invermere to spend the night.  I thought about going to Janice's after she suggested it but I was exhausted and she was probly another hour or so down the road.  I never even thought of her being that close or I mighta gone a day early and spent some time visiting her.  Sorry Janice, maybe next time. 

We fed and watered the babies in the trailer and headed to bed for ourselves. In the morning we gave them more water which they didn't want, then we headed to J's place.  She lives in town and it was odd to dive by houses and see horses in the yards.  Sure a lot different than here.  It was about -11 and kinda windy so we caught her mare (and she was super easy to catch) then we lunged her a little (she was sound and even when she slipped, she just got up and kept going)  She was just sweet.  So I led Jamaica and Casino off the trailer and into their pen and loaded her up with a full hay bag and made the deal.   Then we headed home.  It was a lot earlier than I thought we would get on the road, which was kinda nice. 
(walking to the Husky Restaurant, lol)

We headed up the 93 and saw signs with the mountain sheep on them and I said I wanted to see some, and lo and behold when we got to Radium they were just standing in all the streets and so Charlene took my camera and took some cool pics of them.  They were just standing there and some even posed for us.  One which we missed a pic of had his front feet in the tree and was eating the leaves!  Kinda fun to see different wildlife than we have here.
(Posing for Char)

We got back to Jardi's at about 4 and got her settled in the barn for the night and she was real well behaved through it all.  Tomorrow Char has a lesson so I might go over and hopefully the weather forecast is wrong (it says high of -15)  if its warmer I will ride her otherwise I have to wait till Tuesday cause it is supposed to be +8 or +9 so that will be perfect.  I am not sure what to do over the winter now cause I had a lesson on the flag with Razz on Thursday and she was soooo good that I got caught unaware and now want to show her this winter.  But that leaves me Razz and Disco and this new mare.

I never got very many pics of her so I will post a bunch tomorrow or Tuesday when hopefully it is a little warmer.  I think she will turn out and if I don't get along real well with her I don't think she will be a hard sell.


fernvalley01 said...

wow1 whqat a whirlwind trip ! Glad you made it safely and I am looking forward to pics of the new mare

Shirley said...

I was a little worried about you driving through those mountain passes with a load of horses, I'm glad you didn't have any incidents. Those Bighorn Sheep reside year round in Radium, I think they own the town ;0)
Looking forward to seeing the new mare.

Linda said...

Those are some mighty fine looking sheep!

Cheyenne said...

how wonderful is that? I am impressed!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Wow...Your just a wheelin' and dealin'.

The Bighorn Sheep are impressive!

Can't wait to see the new mare.

Leah Fry said...

Geez, and here I am hunkered down because the temps dropped from almost 80 yesterday to 58 today. It's all about your perspective, eh? Looking forward to seeing pix of the mare.

Janice said...

Glad your trip was uneventful, given the crappy weather we were having. At least going back for you was bright and blue sky....and in daylight. You are one brave woman. Looking forward to seeing some picks of the new girl.