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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Here and There

On Tuesday, as the pic from yesterday shows, we loaded up in the trailer and headed to the vet.  Charlene took Ricki cause he was fighting the bit and the insides of his bottom teeth were pretty sharp.  Dude was turning his head sideways when he eats but there wasn't much wrong with his teeth just a few edges to get rid of.  I took Razz cause she is still being silly when using a bit and when something touches the side of her face, but not much he could find there.  He checked to see if it was her sinuses but doesn't look like that either.  She was still sore yesterday so still not sure whats going on yet.   And I took Disco just cause she has never been as far as I know and for 15 her teeth were really good.  One top side had a little to come off but he said it wasn't bad.  And even though we did her last she never really took to the sedation but she was really well behaved anyways, way better than I thought after her standing by the trailer making noise and being wiggly the whole time we were there.
(the bit I thought would work)

On the way home we stopped at Boston Pizza for Appetizers so they could wake up and then when we got home they were standing silly all noses together.  We put Ricki in front cause we wanted him as far from Disco cause they never met, then Dude , then Razz who just shoved her way up front then Disco last.  I know there is lots of room for 4 horses in that trailer, but the way Razz shoved everyone up we coulda easily fit another one in, lol.  Those 3 were in the front half, probly squishing Ricki, but hes too wimpy to try to push back even.  When we got back to the barn that how they were standing so I had to take a picture.
(the bit I shoulda tried cause everyone that I used it on liked it)

Yesterday was another eventful day, I saddled up Disco.  She was really good with the whole thing except a little touchy around the cinch area, especially the back cinch.  I did it up so it just touched her belly, which was probly good cause she tried to kick at it and caught the edge of it so if it was loose she woulda got her foot in it.  I left her saddled when I rode Razz.  Afterwards I took her in the arena and tightened the cinch and turned her loose and she walks away.  I couldn't make her go any faster and she wanted to stay by the door so I got the whip and thought I might at least be able to make her trot.  But no, she is the only horse I know of when you tap them with the whip they turn towards the whip!  So i led her around and we had a good look at stuff in there and thought I might as well try to put a bridle on her.  I have no idea what she was ridden in last but she was supposed to be a broke cutter, so I put a real mild curb bit.  She wanted no part of it.  Not sure if it was the actual bit I chose or just a bit in general, but she kept her mouth wide open and was chewing.  I probly shoulda just left her a while with it, but I took it off.  I tried one of Jardi's with more tongue room and same thing.  I might try a snaffle on her and then go with my original plan and put the bit on her from Henry (and Gypsy, not sure why its still Henry's bit)  that every horse seems to like.  I am not sure I will get on her today, I might wait till next week and go over to Greg's arena and pony her with Razz a bit then get on her there.  Not enough room here to pony. 
(if she dont like that bit we will start over in a snaffle and see from there)

But first things first.  Today we have two loads of cows going to the sale, the dry ones.  Then I am going riding, then afterwards I am gonna head to my Mommy's and we are going out to Sundre for the weekend and going scrap booking.  I'm pretty excited! We usually do our weekend at Jardi's but she is way to busy this year and asked if we do it later, so we might come in Feb/March there.  The only thing I miss about being at Jardi's is I don't get to ride.  But there will be lots of time this winter for that.  And this weekend the show in Ponoka I am missing,  and making Char go by herself.  But sounds like her hubby will go with her so that will be good.


Linda said...

Just catching up with you. Sounds like you've been about as busy as us. We're not taking our dry cows for a couple of weeks yet.

fernvalley01 said...

lots going on. for you hope the weekend goes well for you

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lots of bit choices...must be complicated getting to know just what a new horse prefers. Good for you trying them all and seeing which is her favorite.