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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday and Wednesday

Yesterday Charlene had a lesson booked with Doug Reinhardt so we loaded up Dude and headed out there.  She was pretty nervous about going by herself and I kinda wanted to visit as well so I went along too.  She rode Dude on the flag and he was pretty good then Doug got on him and found a few problems, but all in all thought he was doing pretty good.  She kinda wanted someone to take him for a month or so and tune him cause its been a long time since he has really been in training and she doesn't want to mess him up.  Doug isn't sure that is what he needs but wants to see him on cattle on Friday so we are going back Friday to work cows.  I got to see Kali in the barn and she looked tired, i had to wake her up to get a look at her.  But Doug said he will wait on Friday till I get there so I can see her on cows.    Im pretty excited!!  It will be a long night cause after that we are going up to Ponoka to stay overnight and Char is gonna show on Saturday.  I will bring Razz up as well but we are not gonna show.  I was gonna bring Shasta but after only two rides on her I think it might be pushing it a little bit yet, maybe next time.

Tonight I went a rode Shasta again, I am kinda liking her, didn't really expect that.  We did quite a bit of trotting and she is sure smooth, really like that.  I asked her for a lope today and she was all balled up, it was really weird, like she didn't know she could go fast or she was sore or something.  It was odd.  But she kept going till I asked her to stop and wasn't grouchy or anything.  I totally meant to check her back and measure her before we left but forgot. 
(rabbit hopping through our yard today)

Afterwards I sucked it up and got on Disco.  She didn't really want to leave the door area, but we got her going around following Dude and she sure still mouths the bit a lot.  Still responds to it, but constantly chewing it.  Just a plain snaffle, but she don't like it very much.  She didn't respond very well to my leg either, kinda just ignored it, but we will see I imagine that will come back pretty quick.  I just walked her around both directions about 10 minutes and quit.  She walks really fast when she wasn't trying to stick to the door, was kinda nice.
(rabbit hiding after Neil tried to chase it towards me)

Then since I had Razz all tacked up I rode her too.  I was pretty exhausted but she was all ready to go and it had been a couple days since I rode her that I thought I had better.  I never rode in my spurs cause they were on my other boots in my truck and she acted like normal still so that was good. I like to know I am not relying on the spurs all the time.

I thank you all for your comments, BEC, I had no idea about any of her breeding, so that helped a lot.  And Shirley I feel real stupid for not thinking of getting her teeth checked especially since we just got our others done 2 weeks ago.  And Leah I liked the name Sage too, but where I board there is a Sage and that just gets too confusing having horses with the same name.  And Janice, she is in with Disco right now and Disco bosses her around but they seem to get along well.  Eventually she will get kicked out with Razz and Dude and Jardi's few shes riding.  She is registered as a Dun, but kinda a buckskinny color now, real cool markings though dark stripes on shoulders and legs.   Although she has no forelock to speak of and her bridle path had been trimmed and now looks funny, but I think that will all eventually grow out.  I think she is close to 15 hands, but I will get a stick on her maybe on Friday if I am there early enough.


Cheyenne said...

Some times my own young horse gets "balled up" when asked for a lope. I bring her back down and repeat that seems to work for me, since doing that she is now more relaxed.

Linda said...

Sheesh you get around girl!

Janice said...

I'm with Linda, do you ever land in one place long enough to take a deep breath....You tire me out just reading your blog :)

lisa said...

Boy, you sure get around! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!