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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lesson Update

Well Yesterday was a fun but full day and best of all I was still home by 5:30!  Char had a lesson planned with Doug at 2, and he said he would wait to work Kali on cows till I got there and so I was pretty excited to see her too! 
(Shasta at fence)
But first I got to Jardis a little earlier than Char cause she was getting off work and didnt want to be in a rush to hook up her trailer and tack up Dude.  So I caught Dude for her and then i had extra time and was gonna ride but not quite enough time for that, so I brushed Shasta and got a couple more pics of her.

(Really hard for her to stand still)
Then we headed down the road and he has an old cow in the pen he just calls her the babysitter and she just stays in the middle of the pen and keeps the other cows there.  Even when he chased in new cows or out cows, she just stands in the middle of the pen. She has been there forever and noone chases her so she just stays still.

(Char working cows)
Well Dude was first so Char worked him and Doug ahd a few things to say but overall he thought Dude looked pretty good.  I think Char was pretty excited and wants to go back more. 
(Pretty nice stop/turn)
Then was Kali, she was moving out better than I seen her before and she looked pretty good, but its hard to tell cause he didnt do a lot with her, just keep her with the cow and was pretty slow (which is good but boring to watch, lol)  I got a short video but I dint know when he was gonna do stuff so its okay.  I think she looked good, I was a little worried about her getting thin but not so much anymore :)

(aww shes so cute)
I liked the way he worked and super easy to talk to so now I got my brain thinking I might take Razz for some lessons, even on the flag, and see where that goes.  I need to get better anyways and if Char is going, we might as well travel together.
(sure watching a cow)
Then when we got back, I saw the sunset was pretty cool, so I got a shot of that too.


Leah Fry said...

Interesting sunset photo. If I didn't know better, I'd think it was on the ocean.

Shirley said...

You are one lucky girl to be able to take lessons from such talented people. Char too. Can't wait for the day when it's you we're hollering for at the Supreme!

Country Gal said...

What a fun looking day ! Awesome photos! Have a great evening.