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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Weaning and Company

(Pretty girl looking for Mom)

Well it was a big day at my house today.  Weaning.  Went relativly smooth.  I put all the horses in the corral and let them eat then I went out and caught Disco.  I had Neil come out to open gates if I needed him.  We went through two gates and right onto the trailer without even a look back.  One little whinny after she was loaded and Casino caled back but then on the road to Jardi's I went.  She was a little wiggly in the trailer but not bad. 
(aww poor Casino doesnt know what to do)
When I got there, I unloaded her and put her in the middle corral.  I had planned to bring Razz along to keep her company but I had left her there on Saturday cause it was so late.  So I fed a couple flakes of hay to Disco and walked out in the field to get Razz.  She was beside her new best friend Dude and he run all the way up to the corral with us too.  I put Razz in and Disco calmed a little bit, still some calling, but she ate some too.
(Pretty girl wondering where she was and where her people are)
Poor Dude I felt sorry for him, he was just standing by the gate.  But they will be back again together soon enough.  I just want to keep Disco in for a couple days and then we will see.  Next Tuesday Razz, Disco, Dude and Ricki are getting thier teeth checked and then we will see how she is to ride after that.  I always feel like I am betraying her when I take them away from their babies cause they trust me the rest of the time to keep them all together and I always brought her back to her baby when I caught her before.
(George and Duchess meeting for the first time)
Last night, a friend Susan asked if I could take her horse to my house to keep her for the winter.  The horse had a cyst in her nose removed a couple years ago and now her nose is bleeding a little bit again and she doesn't want to put her down yet cause she is such a nice horse so she just wants her turned out for the winter.  Seeing as I was coming with Disco today, she had her caught and I took her home.  I wasn't sure how that would work with Casino, but turned  out good, to much else going on for her to worry about losing one of her mums.

 Belle was pretty convincing to Duchess that she was the boss.  It was odd, she ussually is just in the background.  But I am sure they will figure it out, Duchess is very much an alpha mare and she loves babies too, so it will be fine.  Casino didn't even look too sad that I didn't bring her drinking mommy back.  She spent more time with Belle anyways so that worked well.


lisa said...

Sounds like you have been a busy lady. I hope the jaw isn't too sore. Looks like everyone is getting along pretty darn good out in the pasture.

Country Gal said...

A very busy lady. Loved the video. Have a great evening.

fernvalley01 said...

Glad it went smoothly

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ouch! Sounds like a few of those rear kicks made some contact. Interesting herd dynamic video. Glad that the weaning has been pretty uneventful.