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Friday, September 24, 2010

Dinero Get His First Massage

Not sure what I am gonna post a bout today, because I have no pictures.  Everywhere I went yesterday coulda been good picture taking, but...

I went over to Jardis so she could massage Dinero, he was sure wondering what was going on, but really got into it, especially when she was doing the massage on the neck he really liked that.  You could tell where it hurt though cause he'd be leaning into her and then move away when she got to the knots or other sore spots.  It was funny, he wanted her to do it but it still hurt.
We knew it was his back left hock that was giving him problems and when she got there, he let her know too! He never kicked, but sure tried to pull his leg  away.  She got it all stretched out and moved around and he was okay with it, I think he realizes we aren't gonna hurt him, we just want to help.  When I walked him around afterwards, it looked like he was reaching under himself a little better already.
Now I have to stretch the back legs out again when I go over there today and tomorrow.  Hopefully it doesn't rain for a while and he wont slip in the mud again and hurt himself.
Its sure easy to tell when its working, he goes right to licking and chewing, and an occasional yawn.  Its almost like he cant help himself with the chewing, kinda funny.

Neil spent last night at his mom and dads house so he could drive his  mom to Calgary to her doctors appointment today and its sure weird being home alone after so many years of Neil here all the time.  I didn't know it bothered me until last night, not like I have never lived alone before, and lots of times I go to bed before hes home, but still different.  I actually kind of enjoyed my evening alone and got lots of stuff done cause I never turned on the TV.


CCC said...

Man that TV can sure get in the road, eh? Try a whole winter sleeping alone. After a while all that alone time gets pretty old. Glad Dinero's doing better : )

fernvalley01 said...

Glad Dinero is doing better. Alone time is OK , but is nice to have them home too

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm glad the massage therapy worked well for Dino and hope he feels 100% soon.
Apache's got her appt next week for her shoulder. I hope she feels better soon and doesn't limp uphill anymore. Poor girl.
I think I could use some massage, too. I think I pinched a nerve in my lower back while camping. My leg is even affected. Poor old bones don't sleep well on the ground like they used to. lol!

John is home now after over a year of being away. We are still adjusting. I like him home, but some aspects I like my own space better. lol!