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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Suprise Party

All week long, we have been planning a suprise 50th birthday party for Jardi. It has been hard to see her everyday and not say something about it. It was on Thursday night and she was told her husband and sons were gonna take her for dinner, so she never even thought about a party. It was awesome when she walked in and was just totally surprised.

We ordered steaks from Riverside Packers

and a cake with her picture on it from Co-op. Everyone was asked to bring a side dish or appetizer. There was a tone of food and I'm sure no one went hungry.

We at the barn, gave her a camera cause she claims always to not have pictures of anything, so now she will. She already has taken a bunch.
From her husband she got flowers and some TV series on DVD called Big Love. They don't have cable or dish, so there all new series to them. She got a couple of bottles of wine from friends and a stone.

Then the next morning, yesterday I think, me and Shelly and Jardi had planned to go out for breakfast because we needed to get together and we couldn't tell Jardi we were gonna see her Thursday night, so we had a awesome breakfast at whiffs pancake house. I had peach and strawberry crepes with whipped cream, wow is that ever good.

I went riding with Lu on Dot, then Shelley phones back and asks if we want to go to the horse sale in Stettler cause her daughter wants to buy a cheap colt and sell it for more next year, so she ended up with a papered bay roan filly, looks pretty nice and for only $225. Then we went out for Chinese food and I was so full, still am, not sure I need to eat for another week.


fernvalley01 said...

how nice! sounds like a wonderful party , and some good eating !

CCC said...

I look at Jardi turning 50 and think she is soo young. How bad is that?

Crystal said...

We sure were teasing her Friday about being senile, lol.

Shirley said...

I love surprise parties! Giving them, that is! Looks like Jardi enjoyed her party.