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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Finally Farrier Day

I've been waiting forever for my farrier to call.  Well maybe not forever but it seems like it cause he won't come when its so cold out and I don't blame him.  So I was first on the list and he called when I was out riding was gonna come out but was too late.  So I called him back and he come out Tuesday.  Yay!!  I wish I woulda taken a before shot of Pally's feet they were so bad, she has a crack and her feet kinda pancake out cause of it.  He trimmed it pretty short and said I have to call him if it starts spreading or he will come back in 6 weeks, Mar 1, and trim it up and the crack should be gone.

I went out and caught all the mares, gave myself lots of time in case the geldings were far far away and of course as soon as I open the gate and call them they come running, Easy first of course :)  I had them locked in the alleyway cause sometimes Jax is a dork to catch and sure enough lol.  I got Easy first and he was a bit sketchy till I talked him down and then was his sweet normal self.  Not really looking forward to putting the first ride on him come spring.  Then George and he was good so thought get Jax at the same time and save me some walking but no he didn't want any of that.  So I take George away and of course Jax tried to make a break for the gate but I'm wise to his tricks now and he got thwarted on that one.  I'm hoping one day he quits that nonsense and I think he will when hes in and worked consistently.  I came back and he just stood there, I guess no fun running around when you are the only one left.

(George and Jax)

(Jess, Razz and Pally)

Then I was about half hour early but that's OK they stood nice and patient.  I like having them tied for a bit before the farrier gets there they seem better.  Razz was a bit fidgity with her feet for some reason but everyone else was good.  Was good timing now that I am gonna start riding cause its warmer out feet are all ready too.  And I got a pretty good look at the geldings and they seem fine, not over fat but sure not thin either so that made me feel good.  I see them everyday but not necessarily up close and touching.

(Look I'm bigger than you Jess!)

Jessie has been felling good haha as soon as I let her free she runs around just by herself.  Then Razz and she just goes to the feeder same old.  And Pally she rolled and played with Jess its fun watching them.


Mrs Shoes said...
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Mrs Shoes said...

Your Pally sure has interesting facial markings; is she roaning out a bit do you think, or is it just winter coat?

Crystal said...

I think its just her coat color, she has it in the summer too. I always say shes getting old but shes only 15 and thats not old for ponies