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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Disneyland Day 1 (super long post)

So yesterday was Disneyland. 

I haven't been there since I was 6 and so much has changed.  All I remember back then was the its a small world ride and the teacups and the dumbo ride.  Well looks like all those rides are still there and so much are the same.  Kinda funny how you remember when you see it again.
(I sure don't remember the castle being so weird)
(My sister remembers the ice skaters way up high and they were still there)
(I remember the dutch girls with wooden shoes :))
(no way were we going on the teacup ride so we posed with one they had off to the side)
( I totally want a shrub I can shape into a horse)
I was suprised how unbusy it was.  The lineups where only about 5-20 minutes long.  We started on Space mountain and that is a cool ride!!!  We got a pic there, but we didnt buy it, so my mom just took a pic of the pic.
(Love Tristan's hair in this one!)

Then we did the Shrek ride, which was cool cause it was kinda like a video game where you had to shoot the bad guys.  And the coolest part was the pics they took of us they mailed to our email address for free!
 (Buzz Lightyear)

 (My Mom rode alone and she played with both guns.)
(the boys, Tristan got a score thousands of times higher than any of us)

And then an underwater ride that was kinda like finding Nemo.

Then we headed to Mickeys Toon Town so we could find my Mom's whole reason for going to DisneyLand was to see Mickey Mouse.  She has loved him forever, almost as much as I love Eeyore!

(Mickey was washing his hands, lol)
Then a quick trip on the Disneyland train all around the park and then we stopped in New Orleans and Frontierville.  I love the signs in Frontierville (and pretty much everything else there.)

(Hiking around the island)
 (new Orleans house)
 (Jail on the island)

 (horses in pavement, even if they look sticking out)

While there, we went on the Tom Sawyer.  It's a Steam powered wheel boat that goes around the Rivers of America there.  There is lots of stuff to view around there we never really paid much attention to.

(me on the boat)
 (Love this sign, need to take it home without the Big Thunder Ranch underneath it)

 (they also had this pirate ship you could take)

Then we headed to Critter Country and the Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh.

(Eeyore's House)

And the Pirates of The Carribean Ride, which would not allow us to take flash pics inside.

And some Alice In Wonderland Adventures and Peter Pan and Storybrook Land and Snow White's Story)

And they had the Sword in The Stone so we all had to have a chance at pulling it out and I thought for sure I would get it, but guess I am not supposed to be King of Camelot.

Then the Best Part was meeting the Characters.  I got to meet Eeyore, but of course I had to meet Tigger and Pooh first cause they are all together.

(I tried takin him home)

We have one more day with our pass as well as one day in California Adventure, so that should be lots of fun.  But today we just sent my Mom home on the plane then couldn't find the beach and so we just headed back to the hotel for a day of swimming and relaxation and maybe Sea World tomorrow.


fernvalley01 said...

What great fun!

cdncowgirl said...

Looks like a great vacation!

And I have to add, that you give me a bit of hope that one day I too can go to Disney, and not feel like an old fart ;) Hubby likes to tease me because he's been and I haven't

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Gosh! I just spend one day at one these places you've been visiting and I'm spent for the rest of the year. Even as a kid my legs would get wobbly between all the walking and all the excitement.