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Monday, July 2, 2012


So we headed up to Legoland today and I love Lego so was really excited about going.

It was kinda not what I expected.  I thought there would be lots of stuff made of Lego and there was a few.
 (Elephants that shoot water)
 (girraffes that move)
 (3 little pigs on a leaf ride)
 (man on horse, maybe prince Charming?)
 (Sleeping Beauty)
 (Little Red Riding Hood)
(the boys posing with Hagrid and Harry)
(Cool Dragon)
But it seemed to me there was mostly rides and games and stuff to buy.
 (Kid power rides)
 (helicopter training)
 (Heidi and Tristan on the Sky Cruiser)
(Adventure Quest)
Seems to me it was kinda like our Calaway Park near Calgary.  For the price of two admission passes you could get a season pass and that seemed like the way to go if you live here.  Some of the stuff there was super cool.
 ("real" Lego man)
 (Alligator comin out of window)
 (repair Lego guy)
(me getting scared by the polar bear after touching his fish)
My favorite part was the miniville.  Where they built all kinds of stuff out of Lego, like San Fransisco and New York 

and Chinatown and Las Vegas.

(Treasure Island)
It was neat.  They also had basic stuff like fishers and farmers and stuff.

 (see the lizards on the car and Hummer, lol)
 (rodeo arena with bull riding)

 Oh and we were here when the Star Wars Exhibit was on, so that was kinda neat, even though I don't really like Star Wars,  I can appreciate how much time they spent designing and building stuff.  I totally want to get a tonne of grey and blue Legos so I can build an Eeyore :))

And after we got back and sat by the pool a while we headed over to a local bakery and got some goodies. I picked a almond pastry and 2 I didn't know what they were, the sesame one which is good as well as the bread with icing, which was unexpected, but really good.  And so cheap!  We are def going there again.

They have a water park which we will go to another day, and I think tomorrow will be Universal Studios which should be pretty neat.


Knotty Dogs said...

Cha-ching~! Sounds like you are on one expensive trip! But everyone should do it once. LOL! I guess you just have to go into it knowing that, and close your eyes as you dole out the cash, and just enjoy your time. Love the photos!

lisa said...

Now that is pretty awesome, you scared the poor polar bear more I think ;)

desertsandbeyond said...

Ahhhh...you weren't too far from us last night, then! We were in San Marcus (near San DIego) for 2 nights. Hubby wanted to get away from the desert heat so we headed to the ocean.