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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Awesome Weather!

My Internet has been out most of the weekend. Its back on for a while and actually it wasn't that bad, I went and rode yesterday which I prolly wouldn't have if I had Internet, but at least the weather has warmed up here. WOO HOO!!!
I went riding on Friday and rode Razz and every time we are out working in the arena alone, she is thinking lope, but is really slow when others are riding as well, guess we are gonnna have to work on that too. Then after coffee to warm up, I rode Princess and another boarder Justin was there, so we rode together. I am so happy with Princess I actually loped on her and it was sooo easy, shes starting to listen to my leg so much better. I am glad Jardi rode her and got her a little more responsive, it made it so much easier for me, now I just have to keep it up.

On Saturday, it was 3C so we went on a trail ride and I took Razz. There was about 6-8 inches of snow, just starting to compress and get heavy, so they really had to work hard to walk through it. Razz is kinda unsure going down hills so that was interesting, at least it wasn't slippery. The best thing I like about her on the trail is she doesn't change speeds, even when the others are far away or on the way home. She just always walks kinda slow. I had to ask her to trot a few times to catch up and she is really good, just a nice jog and slows right down into a walk when we get closer.

This is the sunset on Friday night, I thought it just looked cool over the calf pen.

Then when I went out Saturday morning I accidentally took this shot of Belle and Dinero sharing an oats pile and I thought it was neat and Neil thinks I should us it as a card cover, so that's a pretty good compliment I think! I cant believe hes the same size as her, maybe bigger and hes only 2, although he is supposed to make 15 1 or 2, so I guess, but it just looks weird. I guess hes not a baby anymore.


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's nice to hear that someone got out and rode. Sounds like all your horses were pretty well behaved. I liked your pictures too, very pretty shots.

Shirley said...

Lovely photos! Glad it warmed up for you. Sounds like Razz is going to be a wonderful trail horse, and it doesn't hurt that she's pretty!

gtyyup said...

I love both of those shots!! The second really is nice though. Glad to hear it's warming up for you and you're riding!

Jayke said...

Awesome photos! I can't decide which one I like better.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate your thoughts on the yoga post, I highly recommend trying it out at home if you are nervous of classes, you never know, you might get hooked like me.