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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gonna Go A Huntin'

So after all the quills yesterday, I thought we would be done for a while, usually they get kinda cautious around them for a while cause it hurts. Well I think the saying no sense no feeling pretty much sums up the puppy. She came up this morning with more quills in her than yesterday and so we pulled them out again, hopefully she learns this time. Betty-Sue must be getting smarter cause she never had any this morning. (whew) I missed getting a picture cause by the time I got my camera, Neil was already pulling the quills, so I went to help him.

So when Neil went out to feed his cows this morning he took the gun to go find this mysterious porcupine (we haven't seen him) but still never found him. Neil thought he was in the oat bales, but I will have to go look and make sure hes not eating my trees like the one this summer in the crab apple tree in the garden. (he's not bothering us anymore, lol)

Apparently it used to be illegal to kill a porcupine in our area because they were considered a survival food. When you were living out here and starving, you could catch up to a porcupine and kill it with a stick cause they are slow. There are no people out here starving anymore or even just passing through, so that's not the case anymore and its a good thing too, cause I don't like them getting the dogs.

On other notes, I have been working on my cross-stitch:

And the basement is coming together, its primed and molding put up and today they are working on the floor.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What are the quills made of? Can they be used for something? Maybe art? Might at least take the 'sting' out of having them around. lol!
Poor pooches. Now if it were a skunk, after the first spray, they'd stay far away.
And you'd be grateful. hehe!


Crystal said...

The First Nations (Native Americans) people would use them as a decoration on moccasins and stuff, but I would be worried about poking myself, lol.