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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decided....for now

(Front view, ignore the poop she is standing in didnt notice it till I picked her feet up)

Well thanks to riding Monday and all your guys helpful insight, I think I have decided.  I say think because good chance I may change my mind later on as circumstances change.  Since I have changed it soo many times in the past.  I am gonna keep Razz there all winter, as I am gonna take lessons on her and maybe show her till Kali is ready for me.  I am gonna take Shasta home (probly this weekend)  cause most of the stuff I want to do with her can wait till spring and she may come back for a few inside rides but otherwise she will probly end up being a ranch horse and whatever else I wanna do with her.  And I will keep Disco there till the end of the year and then decide what I am gonna do with her.  I want to give her a fair chance before I give up on her.  And I got the name of the guy who rode her last and am gonna phone him one evening and see if he has anything helpful for me to know.
(side view, from right side.  I love her feet :)

Monday night I went out in the pasture to catch my ponies and Shasta walked right up to me and I was gonna catch her but I could see Disco sneaking away, so I scratched Shasta and went to get Disco. She didn't want any part of that and started leaving faster. I let her go as long as she was headed to the corrals and away from Shasta.  After about 5 minutes she stops and walks up to me, so I scratch her and leave.  I was told she was hard to catch, and I am trying to break that habit in her but really that is about as hard as she has ever been to catch ever.  I don't think she knows she is supposed to be able to be caught in a pasture cause in the corral she just stands there while I walk up to her and catch her.  But she is learning. 
(left front after cleaning the poop out, sorry its so bright)

Then I got Razz and rode her, I was gonna go back out for Shasta but the arena was kinda slippery from all the melting snow so I stuck to just Razz.  And she was good as always and we didn't ride real long, but it was good.  It reminds me to not just let her pick the path, but that I can direct her where I want her to go when it is wet in there.  All these girls also got thier feet trimmed and since I been thinking of doing a post on feet I took Pics of Razz's feet before we rode.  I think she thought I was nuts but she was cooperative anyways.  I really like her feet, they are tough and even though they need to be trimmed about every 6 weeks in the summer, they still stay nice.
(left hind thats a little dirty)
Tuesday we went for birthday suppers, a little late, but it was at Tony Roma's endless ribs so it was good whatever the excuse.  Since my birthday is on the 27 (of October) and My Aunts is the 29th then my Sister is Nov 1, and her oldest boy the 6th, we celebrate them all together. 
(right front)
Then yesterday was all cold and snowy and Neil went to town and said the roads were really bad so I stayed home and worked more in the basement.  One day I will get done down there.  And today we have a lesson with Doug, and me and Razz are going too.  I am kinda nervous but I guess he will have to see me ride and I might as well see how he does it for when I get Kali back.
(right hind, I guess I shoulda taken pics after I rode maybe they woulda been cleaner
but it is kinda sark in the barn and I couldn't tell they were so dirty.)


Janice said...

Well sounds like you figured it out. I don't remember if I wished you a Happy Birthday when it was your Birthday....did you even tell us :)anyhow Happy Belated Birthday, I think it's neat that you get together and do a family thing......great gifts...my fav is that travel mug.

Country Gal said...

A busy lady with all the ponies ! Thats great that you all celebrate your B-days together ! I wouldnt be able to decide between any of those beauties ! Good luck with that ! Have a wonderful evening !

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Sounds like a pretty good plan. Sometimes you know you just have to give it the good old college try (with Disco) and see if it is going to pan out or not. That takes a lot of guess work out of things later.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Oh and happy belated birthday. You didn't tell us. ;-) Thought you could let that sneak by? LOL

fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like you have a good plan in place

Shirley said...

Razz does have nice feet. Have fun with your lessons.