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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Feet -- Disco and Shasta

Well I finally got pics of Disco and Shasta's feet, and they are not perfect and hopefully will improve a little.  First off Disco, she has really tall feet (which I don't know if its bad, just not what I am used to and they are better than when I got her last year) and her right front had an injury at some point at the back inside of the heel. 
A front view:

And a side view: 

First left Front (which I see her frog needs to grow a little):

Then left hind:

And right front:

and right hind:

And then onto Shasta, I had to take a pic of her cause they both have dark legs so then I could tell where the different feet started.  Not the best pic of her but I love the outlining of her ears,  you can see it when riding too :)

And her front view (no her foot is not really that crooked shes just standing funny):

And her side view she has the opposite problem as Disco, her feet are very flat.I wish I woulda taken in a little farther away so you could see how much its not in a straight line from her knee.

Her left front:

Left hind:

Right front:

and Right hind:

So I guess now I have something to compare to in future when I get thier feet where they need to be.  Not as obvious on some horses cause they always have good feet, but sure makes you notice the differences in them.  But next time I think I might have to get someone else to hold them when I take the pics.


Shirley said...

Are you planning on keeping them barefoot?

Valerie said...

My arab mare has tall feet as well. She just has deep feet. I have asked my farrier and multiple people (it ALWAYS looks like she is long when she is not) and they say its just how her feet are. She has a tight white line and a good toe callus with good mustang roll of the toe. Some horses just have weird feet :)

Janice said...

I thought you managed that very well.Same question as Shirley are you going barefoot.

lytha said...

i love shasta's ears!!

lytha said...

disco has baasha's left front exactly. i'm constantly battling thrush in this narrow frog. this is his arthritic foot so he just doesn't use it enough to stimulate the frog.