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Monday, December 12, 2011

Pasture Ponies

Its been a while since I had a really good look at the outside ponies so on Friday I went out there.  They were happy to see me, specially Bailey. Should have had the video camera on right when they seen me cause she always calls then comes running as fast as she can towards me.  Silly girl. 
(Bailey sees me and Duchess looks towards the other horses)
(Bailey comes running :)

Then everyone else comes too.  Well no worries out there, they are all fat, probly too fat, but they will lose that if we ever get snow cover and it gets cold and they actually have to work to get feed.  I like them a little fat this time of year cause they seem to lose weight by spring.

Duchess was acting weird when I fed them she would just paw a pile then move on and paw and move on.  Thought it was weird and of course trying to look at her and she was hiding from me and I couldn't figure it out until I ignored her and then I seen a cactus in her nose, Ouch!  so I walked up to her and just brushed it off, apparently she isn't used to cactus being around.   
(I was being watched by this guy, probly couldn't figure out why they were running in )

Jazz is looking big, I think she is as tall as Belle is (which isn't that tall, lol I think Belle is maybe 14.2) but then they stand nest to Duchess and they look little again, but she is probly close to16 hands. 
(Happily eating, George, Belle, Jazz, Duchess)
(Rolly Polly Bailey)

Afterwards I went over and caught Disco and Shasta and brushed and fed them and then rode Razz.  I was pretty lazy and she was not so we were done in a short time.  We were gonna go for a lesson on Saturday but Doug was busy all weekend.  Char thinks she will be busy the next two weeks so I may have to ride alone.  Which won't be too bad cause I may go in the daytime when its a little nicer. Maybe even ride outside.


Shirley said...

They are sure looking good. Jazz has cute little ears.

Country Gal said...

They do look good thats for sure ! Loved your photos and the video was awesome ! All animals need some fat to help keep them warm in the colder months , even us human Canadians put on the beef in the winter its the way nature intended it to be for the cold winter months as animals and human activity seem to slow down during these cold months !All to due with natures cold wintery survival. Have a wonderful day !

fernvalley01 said...

they are looking well!

Linda said...

This reminds me that I should take a gander at our outside horses. Last year we were feeding them by now:(

Janice said...

Everybodies looking good...it looks chilly out there is it? Loved your pet from previous post....now see that's what I call a pet and a cute little gaffer he is.Herc.....cool name:)

Cheyenne said...

All look good, well fed and lively. Mind you, it does look cool!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Your herd looks great! The video was fun. I bet it's great to have them all run to greet you. :)