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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Stills -- Tis The Season

This Week the Sunday Stills was a challenge.

What represents this Christmas season to you?
Is it lighted trees, decorations, food…..snow?
Photograph whatever represents this season to you.

To Me obviously Christmas is about Jesus, without who there would be no Christmas, but hard to take a picture of him.  So I got the (well used)  Bible I have had for many years, I sure like the fact that it is hardcover made it last much longer.

And well after that, well every time it snows makes me think of Christmas, but we havent gotten any fresh snow this week so kinda ruined that and there is hardly any on the ground, our yard has probly the most and its kinda lacking there too.

So after that comes the Christmas tree and lights, I love our Christmas tree it is fake and came with lights attached.  I would never put that many lights on and so its is great (although the next one will have multi color lights)  I kinda miss the pine scent so I bought some scentsicles and stick one in the tree every few days and noone knows its not a real tree.

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Linda said...

Scentsicles?? Sounds like a good idea. Your tree is pretty and I'm glad that you think that Jesus is the reason for the season too!

Far Side of Fifty said...

I have never heard of scentsicles either..interesting. I have always wondered about those trees that have the lights pre strung in them what happens when a bulb burns out or you get tired of the color:)

dibear said...

Lovely. We also have a pre-lit tree, and a few lights have burned out, but don't know what to do to replace them!! No problem this year, it's still in the box. :)

Country Gal said...

We also have a fake tree but I string the lights on ours. Used to have real trees but I got fed up with finding pine needles in places ya wouldn't expect them to be lol ! Have a good day !

lytha said...

"hard to take a picture of him" -*lol*

i have to tell you about the bibles in germany. there is only one bible owned by the average protestant family: the martin luther bible. this is a hardcover that looks like a hymnal. it does not have a to:, from:,occasion: like american bibles do. the differences in the language are subtle and fascinating (and sometimes not subtle! ask me for a good example sometime..i have a real eye opener.)

the bibles do not have jesus' words in red (what all my bibles have) and so going to a bible study once the leader wanted to know if jesus said something or not and i was able to confirm.

the bibles do not have the crinkly "bible paper" pages, just normal paper.

some of them don't even have the columns organization - they just read like a novel.

getting your name printed on the front of a bible is not heard of (it's not leather afterall), and people do not bring their bibles to church. however, bringing a bible to church is starting to be encouraged in the free churches.

this is a very outwardly christian nation - you hear a bible study every morning on different random radio stations (there are no christian stations). mentioning jesus is not restricted to church, it's not a taboo subject at work or school. you are assumed to be christian or muslim here. i could go on, sorry!