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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Feb 27

Yesterday was another riding day. I picked Princess to ride first cause she goes slow like Sandy, so its easier to ride them together. I thought she was walking in a little sore, but its hard to tell cause shes got a crooked front foot, so it always looks weird when she walks. I brushed her off and that took forever. The temperature the last few days over there has gotten way above freezing, so when they come into the corral in the morning, after eating and getting a drink the first thing they do is roll in the muddiest spot there. I think shes losing her white guard hairs, cause she looking pretty brown on her butt. Ill have to get some pics, cause I guess I don't have any, like I thought I did.

I saddled her up English and we went into the arena and she was okay walking, but when we went to the trot she felt funny, so we didn't do much, Jardi came by and I asked her to look and she said she looks normal at a walk, but definitely off at a trot. I thought it was the same front leg again, but she kept resting her left hind. So I walked her around a little more and we quit and I brushed her and actually got her clean by the time Lu was done riding Sandy.

This morning, Jardi phoned and said she was sore walking in, so shes in the front corral for now. The ground gets so hard at night and still gets quite cold, so not sure if that has something to do with it or not. We will see when I go up there tomorrow.

I caught Razz as Jardi was letting the horses outta the corral for the day, and Razz never even got upset she wasn't going out. We went for coffee, then I rode Razz. She was full of beans today. I would ask her to walk and that was good, lots of flexing n=and bending. Then I ask her to trot, and she kept trying to break into a lope. We usually only do one lope (about 5-6 laps) each direction while riding, but I did 3 times each direction cause I couldn't get her to do a decent trot without loping. Finally she gave me a jog and it was so nice, we walked and cooled out after about 45 minutes. I think she was so gung-ho because I don't usually ride by myself and every time we ride alone in the arena (even with other people on the ends or middle) we lope, so its different when I don't want her to lope, even when we are by ourselves. So unfortunately, she sweated but wasn't warm, so we had a glass of water and waited for her to cool out. Finally she was dry and I fed her and went to turn her out, she couldn't see the other horses over the hill, so she slowly walked down the hill, then a slow trot to the top of the hill and started to graze. Musta seen the other horses, even though we couldn't. I'm glad she didn't act silly and go running out there. I didn't think she would, but ya never know. We usually try to keep two in to turn out together, but Razz is pretty level headed and careful so we never did. She also wasn't very dirty, I think its too much work for her to roll anymore.

I am going tomorrow to ride Razz and hopefully Princess if she is better and then bring Razz home. Should be fun. Cant wait till the foals come!

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