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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


When I went riding on Monday, I seen Razz has many colors of hair in her coat. She is supposed to be a buckskin, but most of the time looks black except for the yellowy hairs in her ears.

I tried to get some cool pictures of the many colors, this is how they turned out. I can only see it in the sun though.

#1Not my favorite, looks dandruffy but does show the different colors

#2Better but a little farther away. I still never really got the picture I how I really wanted.

I also took some pictures of Princess super long hair, it is really hard to not catch it in the cinch buckles.

Then I was just playing around and got this cool shot of Princess

Then out in the corral when I turned out the ponies, I saw my next horse. She belongs to Jardi and I have always liked her. She is very sweet and kinda sensitive. Just how I like them. But before I get her I think I need to get rid of either 2 horses and a baby, or 2 babies and a horse. Her name is Mermaid.


Shirley said...

Buckskins sure do come in a lot of different shades. I think Razz looks black in the photo on your sidebar, but those closeups show the buckskin color.

Crystal said...

ya I agree, I would think shes black, cause shes more black than some black horses I know, but her sire was a cremello, so she has the dilute gene in there somewhere.