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Friday, February 5, 2010

Pictures, Brandy, Riding, Memories!

I finally got a bunch of pictures printed that were on film, I went to the walmart and scanned them in and put themon a disk, I could only do 60 in one day cause it takes so long. My sister was talking about something that you can put your film in and it puts it on a disk? We are thinking if we can find one, we might get one for my mom and her husband for their birthdays (they are both in July) because they have millions and millions of films that are so hard to look through and find a picture. That way, me and My sister can use it too!

Anyhow back in my post on Dinero I was mentioning pics of Brandy so here she is:

and her eating out of the same dish as Bailey

Its so fun to look back on old pictures and the memories they bring.

I also rode both girls today, and I have figured out I still have no balance, I am doing lots and lots of turning and its helping, but still along ways to go in the english saddle. Maybe nest week I will get pics of me riding, and Razz will get her massage as well next week.


Shirley said...

I ride bareback sometimes, talk about testing your balance! Cute photos, looking forward to more.

Crystal said...

I would like to ride barebak, but I always fall off, so Im working my way there starting english.