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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wrong Horse?

I was thinking the other day, when at the barn where I board there are many people who don't come out at all in the winter and like 5 -10 times in he summer. I am not sure why you would want a horse when you never see them. It seem kinda like a waste of money to have them when you don't ride them or anything. The only good thing about that is they still get the care they need from the barn owner. I got thinkin and came to the conclusion if you don't want to ride, you have the wrong horse. This sounds simple, but I had the wrong horse for many years and just realized it when I had two and only wanted to ride the one.

The wrong horse was Henry. He was a good horse, never try anything to hurt you and you could do anything on him, so I couldn't figure out why I didn't want to ride him.

(Henry tied up in yard)

Then I got Bailey and she is not an easy horse to ride. She is broke and I trust her now (mostly) but she is very reactive and very quick. She makes me think and ride, no lolly gagging, if anyone says that anymore.

(Riding at Branding last year)

I have one I don't ride, but she is at home and I see her at least once a week, don't leave her care completely up to someone else. I guess its just not as important to everyone else to ride and see there horses all the time.

On the other hand I used to never imagine having a horse if I never rode it, but I can understand having them to just grazing and to see when you look out the window.


Shirley said...

Riding is work, and we all have a lazy streak at some point. Setting a routine is a good thing, for the horse and for us. Gets us motivated!. What did you do with Henry? Looks like a pretty boy.

Crystal said...

Ya he was a good pony, I sold him to a friend who wanted him for his wife. She loves him!