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Friday, December 11, 2015

Clinic With Dee

So right after we got notice we were allowed to move in I was signed up for a Kevin Pole clinic in Brooks.  I was kinda excited to go but I also wanted to stay home so I could move in.  And the Spruce Meadows Christmas fair was that weekend and just so much in one time, but I was in the clinic so to the clinic I went.

I had no plans on who to take, I was gonna take Jessie cause shes easy but I also know she needs a chiro/massage cause she doesn't like being rode 2 days in a row and so 3 days wouldn't be good for her.  Well I went out thinking maybe Bailey, be good to get me back into riding her again fro the winter and if we had any trouble there was help there for me.  I really wanted to take the pony cause thought it would be perfect to get to know her, but I didn't have the bit she rides in, I ordered one and I could probly get away with riding her in a snaffle but why bother when she was good otherwise.  So I went out to get Bailey and Dee comes right up to the gate and shes kinda pushy and bossy so I caught her, still wasn't planning on taking her just wanted her in the other corral. Then I went to catch Bailey and let Trio out too so I could work with her, her best friend ever is Bailey so she just follows her wherever.  Well then Razz had a brain fart and ran past us through the gate and in the corral, well I didn't want her in she got rode all summer she gets winter off.  Well I went to catch her and she was being a dork and running around with her tail in the air and everything.  Well 4 horses and a pony were too much in for the winter so I had to take someone back out.  I only really want 3 cause then I can haul them all when I go riding.  Or just take one and 2 are left to keep company.  Well all chaos after Razz got out so since I still had Bailey I caught her and hazed Trio into the small corral beside Pally and then let George and Jessie out and opened the way for Dee and Razz to run in the alley way again.  Good.  Then I caught Razz in there and turned her out and since I just had Dee with halter on yet I decided to take her.  Whew.  Loaded her up and off we went.

It started on Friday and I was to ride at 1, so I got in early cause I had to stop at the house place and drop off some form she forgot out here and I wanted to stop at Walmart cause the cats were complaining they are hungry so I got cat food.  I had extra time so I thought I would go have lunch at Wendy's and get a coffee and then head down there.  All was good, the arena is only 5 minutes from Brooks so that's easy.  I left Walmart and noticed my tire looked low, so I grabbed lunch and went over to the tire place.  I had an hour wasn't worrried. Of course there was worse problems than I figured, I had 2 bias and 2 radial tires which apperently don't go well together cause one round on the whole tire and one on the edges so they were really on riding on one tire on each side.  So we thought we would put 2 new ones on and go from there.  he thought he had used but of course had every size but the ones I needed.  So 2 new tires and the low one was about to blow so just threw it out and I kept the other one as a spare. Well by the time he was done it was 12:50, not much time to get there and saddled and ready but what do I do?
(at least it was nice out while I sat and waited on my tires)

So I get there had Dee inside and was saddling and he was starting so I just walk in the arena and thought Id wait while he talks and then get on, well he didn't want to talk and since he didn't see me warm up I got to go first.  Haha.  Well he just had us go around half the arena at a walk and keep them to the outside.  Well not so much, Dee was a little herd bound but we got away from the group and then because she wasn't there in time to warm up she was looky at everything in there.  Well no worries, we just worked closer to the inside keeping a circle shape and moving towards the outside.  She wasn't bad, her steering is a bit missing, lol I feel like I'm in a car I have to move my hands so much to get a turn.  Then up to the trot and same thing, that was actually easier for me.  Then a lope well no chance of that.  I was actually quite surprised we got a trot so easy, last time I could hardly get her out of a walk especially away from her friends. Well so we worked on that, don't worry about steering just lope.  Well I could get one or 2 steps and then shed break down.  We worked really hard, she tried to kinda crowhop once, I kinda laughed at her cause it was pretty pathetic, mostly she just kept trotting and not really all that fast either.  She also tried heading towards the other horses and she got kicked pretty hard when she got there and a relax when she walked away from them, then she tried the gate, same thing.  Well we quite after we got about 10 steps one way.  Whew I was tired and I think she was too.  He made me trot down to the other end and stop at the spot she thought was the scariest.  They have a water hose coming up and that musta been it.  We walked as far as she would go and then stop then walk a step then pet then another step then pet, all while looking at it.  Finally she pushed her nose out and touched it, good girl.  She is curious so that helps a lot.  We rested there while someone else went.
(the super scary water pipe)

After she was done he got me to go around  a couple more circles at a trot and see how she was, she was really good we even stayed right to the outside.  Then we were done for the day but I stayed in the arena to watch and let her cool out.  First time I had anyone tell me I had brass ovaries LOL, he said most people, specially girls woulda quit before I did.  I told him I wasn't worried about her, shes about as safe a horse as you can get and so it was just me wearing out that wanted to quit.  He also kept saying numerous times how he loved her top line.  I guess I never looked that close but she has a normally low head and he likes reiners so maybe that's why?  I think shes pretty but didn't think she was hat special.  Maybe I am wrong and she is??
(watching others work)

(one tired pony)

Saturday was better, I got there on time had her warmed up, we rode with others and away from others and she was getting better, so much improvement in one day.  He also made me change my reins cause they were too short.  They were Baileys cause I used her bridle cause i was planning on taking her.  And they were long enough to get off her mouth but he wanted longer so I put Jessie's reins on her.  They are split and really long.  And amazing how she quit bobbing her head after the first few minutes.   So simple.  Anyways we started doing the same thing but quicker progression, I got her to lope going left but right I was just tired and so he asked if Amy would get on her and she did and she worked her pretty hard, steering is still a bit weird she says it felt like riding a runaway bull cause you can turn her head but she keeps going, I laughed and said ya but she doesn't wanna run away and she said that was true, its just odd.  But she got her into a lope both directions and even got a lead change out of her, a few actually, they were pretty nice.  I gave her a rest, just tied up.  Everyone else went and the continued from yesterday and worked on collection, Dee wasn't ready for that but while we stand we did get her to soften a few times, might as well start now.  Then after everyone else's turn he hooked up the flag and the whole clinic came in and we all stood in the middle of the arena facing it and walked towards it a step, petted and continued on until we were right up at it.  One horse wasn't worried about it at all but the rest were kinda concerned, specially when it moved.  He said that's the best way to get a horse not afraid of the flag, and it sure seemed to work.
(watchin other horses not perfect always)

(and just hanging out waiting...away from others)

Sunday, I was getting tired but sure excited about the progress she was making.  I almost brought Jessie too cause I knew were were working the flag and none of those horses had, he said he wished he had a horse that knew how but too late y then.  We all worked the flag, some closer and some farther, all working on different things.  Dee we just wanted her moving with the flag and then turning with it too, she wasn't really ready for a flag but we did it anyways slowly he said it wont hurt.  Then after everyone went we brought cows in in one by one tracked them and then turned them, it was fun, I volunteered to go early and she was super good, got sidetracked by other horses a few times but she loped easy to pass the heifer and turned her good.  Probly helped I knew what I wanted to do haha.  Then I left and just watched everyone else it was good.  I would so go again, they are gonna try to get him back in January/February and so would love to be in there again.  Should get Dee going better so here is an improvement he can see.
(watching someone work the flag)

(they are all watching too, they were in the group after us but joined for the flag work)

(flag work)

(and a cow, shes not worried about cows so was just watching relaxed)

He called her Trigger lol.  There was a few Palominos in the clinic, the other was big yellow and he had nicknames for all the horses was kinda cool.  The one guy there said she looked familiar, and I said I got her a year and half ago from up by Edmonton and as we talked he said his mom looked at buying her for a broodmare.  Not a lot of pics f me working cause I didn't know anyone there and so had no one to take a pic/video.  Maybe next time.  I learned a lot in this clinic, some about me and some about Dee.  Its nice to go and not always the same horse who makes me look good all the time haha thanks Jessie.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Well, she does make for pretty pictures even if they are from her back. She really is gorgeous. I like her build in the side view.

Anonymous said...

I see they're having another Clinic in January.....I went to a few of Kevin's reining clinics a few years ago and got a lot out of the...including my nickname Loubob.

Shirley said...

Sounds like it was a good clinic for Dee. Once you get her steering figured out she should make a good ranch horse.