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Friday, December 4, 2015

My Little Pony

So I did it, LOL I got me a pony.  Not a horse I call a pony but a real under 14.2 pony!  Shes only 13 hands, 13 years old ans she is so broke she is just awesome.

(these are the sellers pics from her ad.
  Not that great but I dunno if I would buy a horse
 from a picture anyways going to go see her)

I wasn't looking for a pony.....well not really, I had pmed a few people about one here and there and never found one I really liked.  And I wanted to sell a horse or 2 of mine first before I got too many again. On going problem I have, I sure find it easy to collect :)  But I want them to be useful too so trying to keep it reasonable around here.  HAHA Like that is gonna happen....but I try.

Anyways Shirley from Ride a Good Horse blog tagged me in an ad on Facebook and I had to go look.  She was a 7 year olds rodeo horse, he barrel raced, pole bended, roped.  He rode her down the gravel rode "cause it sounds cool" (on the gravel)  and chased cows on her.   He's selling cause he wants to rope more and he's been riding his big horse more and more for that.  Exactly what I was hoping for.  And she's not really a beginner pony shes too much and way too fast for that, which I also wanted cause I don't need to steal a pony from a beginner, they are hard enough to find.
(my first glimpse of her)

(shes a little fat)

(but good, she just stood in the middle of the yard 
while I saddled her and 
the owner went to look for a bridle I could use)

Well I was going to Calgary the next day after I talked to her and so I asked if I could stop by on the way and she said yes, so I did, bright and early at 9:30 I was there and rode her in the pasture with her buddies, she tried going to them but never got upset when I said no and just did what I wanted.  She is actually really nice, more like a horse than a pony, she stopped when I asked, she backed up, and boy can she turn, and her trot is so comfortable.

 (at home :) )

(look at those ears I just love them)

(she stands weird, shes a little worried about getting close to Dee)


(shes quite small compared to Trio, lol)

(I could take a million pics shes just adorable)

Finding tack for her is a bigger problem than I thought.  At least my saddle fits her.  I bought a bridle and shes in a correction bit so I went to K & K Livestock and they ordered one in for me which is still not here.  And I ordered reins off a Facebook group as well as a blanket.  Reins are by far the hardest thing to find, they are all so long!  But I got a split pair and I think I can make a single roping rein out of an old rope like I have before if I need to.

I went back to pick her up on the Tuesday afterwards and on the way home stopped at Doug's and asked  him to try and find me a horse.  Yikes that was scary but so excited to get back into cutting.  If only the pony cut lol.


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Country Gal said...

Shes is cute ! I still remember my pony a 13 year old Gelding that was 13 hands as well he was a stocky Welsh pony and he was awesome his name was Clyde Zorack Pathos but we just called him Clyde and he was flea bitten grey his colouring and was also a cart pony as well as western ridden but I didn't use him for cart so I had to reteach him how to turn with out a cart and get him out of the cross walk turning lol ! I also would bare back ride teaching him to jump back in the day I did all kinds of stuff with horses lol ! I hope you both have fun together she looks like a charmer ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

Shirley said...
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Shirley said...

You are gonna have lots of fun with her.
Waitminnit- you've got Doug looking for a cutting horse for you? What are you going to do with Jess? You selling her?