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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Work Day for Dee

After the clinic, I gave Dee a day off and then on the Tuesday my neighbors asked me to go help them gather cows cause they were preg checking.  Had lots of help for the preg checking just needed me to help gather.  Perfect :)  They actually asked me to bring the pony and I thought they were just curious about her but turns out they got a pony for their kid and are riding it till he can.  Well I didn't bring the pony, again no bit but I brought |Dee.

She was good, we got there early and so I left her in the trailer, I had already saddled her before I left home so she was ready.  They came out to saddle and off we went.  She was a little slower than last time I rode her gathering but that's good I was glad.  And she didn't try to crowd the other horses I even made her walk away a few steps from them and had no argument.

All was good till the creek.  It was really shallow and only about 1 step across and she leaped it like it was a huge fence!  That was unexpected but at least she never hesitated haha.  We got the cows and sure enough did the same thing on the way home, guess I'm gonna have to work on that but not when we are busy, there is lots of water around her shouldn't be a problem.

On the way home they asked it I would go over the hill and check by the fence to make sure we never missed any cows and so I did, took a little convincing but we got there slowly, lol, I made her trot most of the way and of course lots of steering but we did it.  That's all I ask is if I can get the job done.  Then came back to the group and we loped over to another bunch of cows, still not confident in loping and she broke down a few times but she did it.  I really have to watch the cows when on her cause it takes longer to get her where I want to I cant wait too long till they are going the wrong way.  All in all I was happy with her.  I shoulda brought my go pro but never thought of it till I was there.

Then turns out one guy sanded his thumb off and was on a lot of drugs so he wasn't coming and another had something happen to so they needed my help to preg check as well.  Which I don't mind, it was a nice day and they have nice cows.  I ended up being the cow pusher and all cows went in really well except one, and it wasn't really her fault, they guy putting posts in was too slow and she backed out 3 times and then didn't want to go back in, but she eventually did, whew.

Dee had to stand tied to the fence the whole time, it was perfect for her, she has a serious lack of patience and so she wiggled and jiggled, thought about pawing and a little noise but no pulling back or stupidity, but she was glad to go home though I think.  Oh well keep doing more and more and she will be a good horse like all my others.


Linda said...

Nice that you can ride with a job to do...I think it helps to have something to focus on doing besides your horse...especially when somebody's depending on you. I helped gather at Bruce's on George this fall and was by myself and had a lot of miles to cover....it was good for both me AND him.

Shirley said...

I agree with Linda, it's always good to have a job to focus on, even if it's riding fence but gathering cows is so much better!