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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This and That

Well after that, haven't done much with horses, been busy doing lots of other fun stuff.  And not fun stuff, like I washed by cell phone...in the washing machine.  Put it in rice for 3 days and nothing, no lights no noise no nothing :(  so since the contract isn't up till next November I am back to using my old phone.  It's like going back in time.  But I'm too cheap to pay out the 249 owing and then the new phone price which is probly another 200 so guess I'm old style for the next year.

I got the tree up on one kinda chilly and snowy day.
( I love my fake tree with lights, it makes my life so much easier )

Then that weekend we had a grey cup party for our neighbors and so they could come see the new house.  It was kinda awkward as we had ordered furniture on the Friday before cause we went Tuesday and it was buy a love seat and the couch was 50% off, so we thought that was a good deal and the sales guy come buy and said on Friday (black Friday) they were gonna be 70% off so we waited but they didn't come for a week so we had a hodge podge of chairs and pillows and stuff for people.  It worked out well but was a bit odd.  The Brick delivered them and set them up, that was super nice :)
(New love seat and recliner.  They all rock and recline, even the love seat)

(the sofa, it doesn't rock just reclines)

I been making ornaments for Christmas too and I found a real cute pic on Facebook and thought I would try it and they turned out adorable :)
(aww I love them )

Then we went up to the legislature with our community on the bus to protest the bill 6 our Premier is pushing through.  She wants all non family employees to have WCB and OHS, oh and shes trying to unionize us.  Well she said she was having meeting to figure it out, but the whole bill wasn't even written out said it would happen and all the other leaders were opposed but she pushed it through anyways.  That's kinda how she does stuff being NDP.  Doesn't care what anyone else wants she just does it anyways.  Most farmers have insurance that is better than WCB anyways, I'm not sure it was about farmers, shes pushing through all kinda of bills, our province is failing badly and she has only been in power for 6 months, gonna be a long 3 1/2 more years if we have province by then.
(after the protest we took a side trip to see the Magna Carta in another building,
 didn't have never enough time but its super cool,
 its there till end of January
 I think we may have to make another trip up there,
 they wouldn't let me take pics in there so we got the 
Lego Parliament building instead))

Made a table runner, well at least the top of one, I need to find stuffing and quilt it yet, but it turned out really good, whew good thing it was easy.  I got it for Christmas last year and figured I should make it for this year.
(pattern and picture, both laminated witch is cool)

(and finished top)
And I made a gingerbread Barn, I actually bought it last year and never got it made so the icing was a bit hard so I used my own but it turned out pink.  After I was done I had better ideas, oh well next year I guess.
(front of barn, notice the horse head)

(and the back, there is a pig and sheep but they aren't built quite right)

And then life just going on as normal, going through stuff in the old house and throwing away a lot and making sure cows have water, we aren't feeding them yet they got lots of grass.  I got a few ponies in the corral, had Bailey Trio Dee and Pally in the corral cause I was gonna ride lots and get Trio worked with more but the bull waterer was out so I don't have a small pen yet and the other one is way to big to start in.  Then a couple days ago Neil comes in and says your horses are out.  I thought it was the corral horses but nope we have a bad wire gate and Razz and Jessie got out and nice horses that they are made their way into the yard haha, coulda gone anywhere but in the yard the come.  So we caught them, Neil put a panel up in front of that gate and I turned out Bailey and Trio and then Razz with George (he never got out) and put Jess in with Dee and Pally to ride for a while.  I got Baileys teeth done last week too but she can wait till Feb or even March before I start riding her cause shes so much nicer outside.  I got her done cause she has a small wave which is hardly noticeable by now after 8 years of getting them done regularly.  But really took her cause my friend has a colt who has never been done and thought it would be good for him to have a calm companion.  And Bailey is that horse, who knew I never thought she would be there haha.  Jess was a little upset when I put her in the corral but then she saw the bale and all was forgotten haha she's so motivated by food.  Dee was a little upset because she thinks her world has ended cause Razz and her are still separated.  Oh well its good for them, I like to mix them up so they don't get too attached.
Jess eating and Pally wondering what I'm doing, 
shes not used to my weirdness yet haha)

(and Dee looking over the fence for Razz)

Whew there was a bit more there than I though there was.  But I think I might be caught up now :)


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

You've been busy. Love the furniture and pink barn. I've been having serious difficulty focusing. It took me weeks to decorate and hardly have anything to show for it. It took me two days to wrap gifts. I brought out all the wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows, tags, etc. on one day, but had so many interruptions that I never got to wrap anything. The next day I sat on the floor for hours wrapping until my back hurt. Next week I have to start baking and cleaning house. I feel guilty because the days are flying by and I can't make time to ride the horses. They're starting to cause trouble out of boredom.

Shirley said...

That trip to Edmonton must have been interesting. I hope naughty Notley doesn't put Alberta in the poor house.
The barn is cute, pink and all. :0)
Those recliner / rockers will be a great place to spend the harsh winter days.