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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Easy Lives Up To His Name

So on Monday I went to ride my horse :)  He is totally so awesome!!!!  He was outside in a pen so I went to get him and before I had the gate open he was there :)  I feel silly how much I like him he really lives up to his name, everything is easy with him.  I took a selfie with him cause the Horsemanship Challenge starts on the third of January and I wanna make sure I had one to enter.
(I still look down, ugh at least he looks good)

We worked cows again and started with a slow one which was good and I used my saddle on him and it felt like I was just perched up there.  Figured I was out of position or something.  Then we got a faster one and it just ran lots but we got it worked then the last one was turney and I felt like I kept falling forward even though I tried to sit back.  Bad news.  Horse is awesome saddle does not fit him at all :(  I went to put him away and unsaddled in the middle of the yard by my truck and got some pics before we went in the barn
(side profile, he saw the dog playing with a toy)

(hmm not quite the right ears)

(oh there we go :) )

And another one in the barn, which don't turn out real well cause its kinda dark in there with windows so the bright sun shines though.  But you can see the dry spots.  I can use his other saddle till I get my own.  Next week I am going to look at another one and already have interest in a sale for mine.  So if all goes well......
(dry spots :( 
 the horse behind him is weird, 
it licks his neck then the saddle 
and I went over there to lower my cinches and he tried to lick me)

(and evil glowy eyes, haha)

Hes staying in the barn I had to ask where he goes cause someone always gets him for me, its weird having him at a barn.  And weird that everyone knows him more than me.  I don't even know what I'm supposed to do except show up and ride.  I don't even have my own blanket or bridle for him yet and no one seems to care.  Odd.  Oh well I will figure it out.  Now I have to wait again, probly Monday or Tuesday next week depends on how it goes over Christmas.


lisa said...

Sounds like the 3rd of January can't come fast enough! Good luck. Have a Merry Christmas!

Shirley said...

Nice looking horse- saddle shopping is fun hope you find the right fit.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

He sounds like a fine fella.