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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A couple weeks ago we all finally had time to make it to a family dinner.  We got pictures taken and then went out for supper for birthdays.  Mine is Oct 27, my Aunts the 29th, Heidi (my sister) Nov 1st and Tristan Nov 6th.  We also have gotten together but not all at once so my sister had gifts for Mom and Clint's birthdays from the summer.  We musta given ours I guess.
(Mom got a cool beach pic from Bonnie)

(Tristan being weird and Jaret having glowy eyes)

(Bonnie opening her moccasins, 
and My Mom looking Grumpy cause Bonnie just bought a pair 
even though my Mom told her not to right before Christmas)

(Clint's new shirt, and him moving while taking pics)

(I got Heidi this teapot wasn't sure shed like it but she loves Tim's tea and she really did)

(Neil looking at Clint and the boys looking at Tristan's gaming mouse pad)

I got lots of cool stuff, my family knows me so well, pretty much anything horsey I love so that's easy haha.  And I did ask for a quilting mat and a straw dispenser last year for Christmas and never got and I did now :)
(My sign from my sister she knows me so well )

(and she gave me a cutting matt)

(Straw dispenser from Bonnie, it works well way nicer than the boxes)

(and a horseshoe Christmas tree, my Mom got it made with pony shoes 
not knowing I was getting a pony :) )

It was a good day, Me and Neil did a bit of shopping in the morning before we came out to pictures was kinda nice that way.  No family pics yet as I haven't even seen them my Mom picked them up the next day.


4RRanch said...

love, love, love the horse "pony" shoe tree. Mine has stayed out all year.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

All great gift ideas. A lot to like.

fernvalley01 said...

Very nice! great to get together with family! I really like that tree!

Linda said...

I love the horse shoe tree too!