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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Banff Winterstart Race 2015

The reason I was headed to Calgary the day I stopped to see Pally was because I was entered in a race in Banff and the race package pickup day was the Thursday before it.  So I made a day of it, stopped to try Pally, went shopping, picked up my race package and took my sister and nephews out for dinner.  It was my sister and her oldest boys birthdays so it worked well.  Wow hes 16 already, time sure flies.

So the race wasn't till 7 at night on Saturday so we left in the morning made a few stops and then got to Banff and it was cloudy and a bit chilly but we just put on our winter coats and walked down the street so we could shop.  Mostly window shopping for me but Susan bought a couple items.  I did buy some tea and it was super good.  Couple really cute stores there its too bad the parking is so bad, we parked at our hotel and walked, was the easiest until your arms were full.
(sure looks cold but that's cause it was cloudy)

Then was race time, we got all dressed up, luckily wasn't too cold, was about +3 all day and then cooled down to maybe -2 overnight.  The worst part was it had rained a little in the day and so the roads were a bit slippery.  There was a lot of people there!  It was kinda crazy.  They had the stuff all down in the parking garage of the host hotel and they handed out glow sticks to all the runners.  They had people in costumes and all lighted up was sure different.
(a selfie before the race)

We just had our regular clothes, with the t shirt they gave us and our numbers and glow sticks, was enough to light the way.  I'm sure glad I brought my ear warmer and mini gloves, that was all I needed, although I should remember a scarf so I can put over my mouth cause its hard for me to breathe cold air.  Oh well next time haha.
(I tried to get a pic of all the people but I just couldn't get them all in, 
musta been a couple thousand)

(race times, super hard to read. Susan did 1:04:16 and I was slower at 1:20:47, not bad I figured, I was hoping for 1 hour but with cold and icy just wasn't happening, Susan actually suggested I may have exercise induced asthma and ask about it next time I'm at the doctor.  Kinda made sense why I cant breathe even though have lots of energy, I will check it out just haven't yet.)

Afterwards was a big party in the parking garage, everyone got 2 beer and cookies and coke and water and fruit and veggies, great way to end a race.  We were still hungry afterwards though so we headed to the Keg and had steak.  After we sat down we realized how tired we were and so it was bed after that.  Then a few shopping spots before we headed home.  Was a great weekend would do it again, would be a lot of fun with a group I think.


Country Gal said...

Looks like all had a blast . Thanks for sharing , have a good week!

Shirley said...

You did good! Interesting about not being able to breathe in the cold- maybe Susan has a point there but I hope it's not asthma.