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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Dilemmas Dilemmas....And Ranch Pics

Well I have a dilemma now, I was planning on using Easy for the horsemanship challenge but I need 30 rides and 40 hours and I was calculating if I go twice a week every week plus 5 shows.  That's only 29 rides and most will be around an hour, our lessons are only about 10-15 minutes but there's warm up and cool down time so close to. But 29 rides and 29 hours wont make me finish the goal, and if the weather is bad that means even less  times I go over there.  Especially if I wanna ride other horses at home as well.  Unless I turn out my home ponies and just go for him all winter.

Or I use the pony and see if I can get enough hours in between times I go ride and show Easy.  Hmm this was a lot easier when I was planning on having him home cause he needs rode 5-6 times a week.  So many choices to make, ach!

But off topic we had family here and they wanted to go take pics of the ponies and bulls and frost, so even though it was super cold out we went.  
(Dee and Jess watching us)

(Pally after a poop haha)

(me and Pally)

(Carlos and Dee, she liked him and he wanted pictures with his palomino)

(he walked away and she followed him)

(Carlos checking out the pony, Dee still watching him)

(she pushed her way into him again)

(and he liked her :) )

(then to look at the bulls)

(with a magpie on his back)

(disturbing his eating)

(these guys were hanging out in the shed)

(oh 38 with a hay face)

(and of course Ziggy the cat came to visit)

(he needed to pose by the tractor)

(and another cool pic of our house)

Turned out good. I'm glad we went even though I thought we would freeze to death.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Fun pics. Well, if you can't do the challenge, you can't. I say, "Why put extra stress on yourself?" You can always make up your own challenge.

Shirley said...

Well the weather is likely to be bad for January and February- maybe you could use Dee and get her more broke for Carlos to ride- sure he doesn't want a horse of his own? Horses seem to pick their person. :0)

With a Western Twist said...

I just caught up on your blog! Exciting about Easy! What's his registered name? We may just see you around! Looks like I'll be hauling down to silver slate on the second for the first show, depending on whether it goes well or is a total wreck will see if we show again! ;) haha

fernvalley01 said...

Great pics! So the hours don't need to be all on the same horse?