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Monday, December 7, 2015

We Are In!!!

So after the race weekend we got a few more days of drywall fixes in the house, the plumber come and finished hooking everything up and we had the cleaning ladies out and we were ready to move in, just had to wait on the walk through.  Well she was coming Thursday and so on Wednesday we went up to Red Deer to look at Farm Fair.  Was a pretty good day, even got to see a few people we knew and a pink tractor....couldn't talk Neil into buying it though :(
(Just one of 5 rooms of stuff they had there)

Then Thursday she come and we talked about all the stuff we liked, we tried out everything (found out a tap on the bathtub leaks) And stuff that needs more work (a window is crooked, the patio door opened the wrong way, the furnace made weird noises, and we had no light in the dining room).   Well she was gonna check on all those and said the furnace was a recall and she hired out plumber to fix that and the furnace.  The window would get fixed in spring cause sometimes cracks siding if its too cold out.
(checking on the mouldings)

(filling out the paperwork)

She said the door was wrong but we like it like that and so we are leaving it, and the chandelier was just missed, she ordered one and they are coming this week to put it in.  But after that she gave us the OK to move in!!!  Yay, too bad I was in a 3 day clinic starting the next day.  But still yay!  That evening we moved a couple chairs over and a basket of stuff and we had cocktail hour in front of the fireplace :)  Didn't do much else till the next Monday when I was done the clinic.
(Pantry goodies)

(filling the fridge)

(living room furniture)

And Jessie.  Ya I have decided to sell her, shes a super nice horse but shes just not got enough show experience and neither do I so we fluster and don't get much done.  I love riding her and practicing on her but shes too nice a horse to just sit around her when i have other horses I like to ride too.  I also plan on selling Dee and Bailey and we will see how Trio turns out, I think she is gonna be a giant but Ill wait till shes started and got a decent amount of riding on her before I even think of selling her. I'm not in a real hurry to sell, was thinking spring when people are looking although have had a little interest in Dee, we will see how it goes after I keep riding her more and more, shes kinda fun.


Country Gal said...

Hope you get all the stiff fixed and replaced in your new home and can finally settle down in it ! Hope your selling and keeping of your horses goes well for all ! Oh a pink tractor that's cute ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Lots of changes.

lisa said...

Glad that the house is coming together! I need to sell the pony and mini mule. I was going to give them away, but the hubby said that I was foolish to just give them away. I didn't think I would really be able to get anything because, you can hardly handle the mule and the pony you can handle just fine but I don't know if he can be ridden or not. I really don't have the time to do much with them, I would rather spend my time and energy with the big horses. Enjoy that new home!

ellie k said...

Lisa,If you give them away they could fall in the wrong hands, at least selling them for something you have some control over who gets them.