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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pasture Puffs Ponies

So it was too cold out for my Mom when we went out to look at the ponies the other day and so yesterday was warmer so she came out to see them too.  We got out there and the pasture ponies were looking over the fence too so I spoiled them all with a little oats.  And we got some pictures, which was harder than expected cause the gates were frozen from the half inch of rain we got before the snow.


(Bailey, she wouldn't even look at me)

(Razz and Trio)

(More Razz and Trio, my matching ponies)

But none the less got there anyways and fed them and took some pics, not as nice as if they are running around or something but I got a good look at everybody again and petted them all and they are all fat and sassy just like turned out horses should be.
(Pally and Dee, they dont look that different in height)

(so cute, my other matching ponies...sorta)

(and of course Jessie)

Then of course can't feed the pasture ponies without the corral ones so they got fed too.  I'm kinda a  sucker for those pony eyes...like puppy eyes but bigger lol.  I'm really thinking as soon as their bale is gone I might turn them all out too and bring them in later when it starts getting nicer out, specially since I have Easy boarded all winter, that way I can go there more and actually get some other stuff done too.

Then we went wandering and the cats came around.

(Nintendo, hes sure getting old, but still don't sit still for pictures)

And Neil broke a chain in the bale processor so he was trying to fix that and Clint was helping.

And me and my mom went for a drive to try and find the elk but of course we couldn't see them, but at least we did see a lot of antelopes.

And we saw a little owl that I don't know what it was, there was 3 of them.  And of course my mom got a pic but I don't have it.  It looks like a great horned except hes tiny, smaller than a hawk.  Ill have to make her send me a pic of it.


fernvalley01 said...

the ponies look fat and sassy! Love that old cat! he looks like he has some stories

Shirley said...

Ponies all look great, bet they will love having the winter off to just hang out! It's cool that you get antelope there, I think they are so pretty.