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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Winter melting

There is still lots of snow here at my house.  This is looking south at the horse pasture.

This is looking west at the summer pasture.  It is just starting to bare off on the tops of the hills.

Then over to where I been riding, its amazing how much less snow there is over there.

So much less we been riding outside on the lease roads and they are pretty dry.  I even took Kali out yesterday and she was a champ.  A little spook when the Canada geese in front of us took of, but it didn't last long.

This is a "creek" that runs in the spring flowing down the coulee to the river.

It is crazy how it overflows the banks and just never stops running.

The creek at our house just started trickling yesterday and this has been running for at least a week, so its no wonder there is less snow over there.


fernvalley01 said...

Nice slow melt here too, hopefully it soaks in good

The 4 R's said...

guess I should quit complaining about our weater. We now have plenty of mud instead of snow.

lisa said...

Snow, you poor thing, it will be gone before you know, I have to say that I am glad that we are getting rain. I really hate the mudd but it is better than snow. Hang in there!

Country Gal said...

We have no snow but lots of mud , its mucky out there. We have had rain and sun on and off this week. But like they say April showers bring May flowers so thats a good thing ! Love your photos, have a great day !

DayPhoto said...

YEA!!! Melt! Come on Spring!


Rising Rainbow said...

You're finally seeing some ground. That looks hopeful. It snowed here yesterday. I can't even believe it.