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Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend Plans Go Awry

On Friday we headed up to Olds for the Northern Bloodstock sale.  It was really good, so many nice well bred horses there and many people we knew also.  This was the first sale I have ever been to where a broodmare was high seller, $14000.  There was a couple nice broke horses there and lots of young stock and a few I certanly could have come home with, but I didn't.  Charlene debated on a couple, but never bought either.

I stayed over at Charlenes that night cause Saturday morning we were planning on heading out to my house with our ponies and ride with the cows and maybe get some halters on my colts and maybe do some scrapboking.  It was gonna be a fun relaxing weekend.  But as we got to the barn and had our horses loaded, Jardi drives up and asks if we want to go to Vic's cause he has some horses for reasonable for Charlene.  So we loaded up a horse for Jardi and headed up to Ponoka.

There were two horses there to try out, a mare and a gelding.  She tried the mare and really liked her but shes 18 so not sure about that.  But she is in really good shape, not overused but used regularily and Vic figures she could easily cut for another 6 years.  She had a vet look at her and they said she has no soundness issues and is sounder than most younger horses.  So that was good, but might as well try the gelding as well.  She REALLY liked him, he worked really good for her and it was gonna be a done deal so she phoned the owner and left a message.  During all this, I was being herd help, which I am not very good at, but I am learning.  It was good for Razz too, sitting still by the cows and then just moving when we needed to.

We worked our own horses afterwards, Jardi wanted us to circle all the cows with one on the ouside and keep it outside the herd.  It was kinda fun, but really fast, we had to lope almost the whole time to keep up, but Razz was awesome!  Except when I lost a stirrup then I was lost, so we stopped and restarted.  Oh and she tried to run me into the in gate, so we worked on that a bit, but she needs more help to slow down and not rush through the gate.  Afterwards our horses were sweaty, so we bathed them (I only hosed Razz and shampooed her tail, cause shes never had a bath before and I thought it might be a bit much all at once)  then we put coolers on them then visit for a bit then headed home. 

We got home at midnight and  the horses were dry and so we put thier blankets on and turned them out to eat and helped Jardi with her chores then I stayed at Charlenes overnight again.  On Sunday morning I realized I forgot my camera up at Vic's, so we called him and he said the owner of the gelding called him and told him he is blind in the sunlight and has to wear a mask outside. Well all the summer cuttings are outside, so thats kinda useless.  She never has called Charlene and so now she is really thinking on the mare.

We spent the day at the barn visiting and grooming the ponies, we were gonna go for a ride, but since our horses had clean legs, we thought we would shave them and trim up thier chins.  Razz looks so much prettier now, without all that long hair.  I really was tempted to clip her whole body, but I resisted.  She will shed off soon enough I guess.  It was a fun day, but we will have to make different plans for another weekend for Charlene to come out to my house.


Shirley said...

Well it was a good weekend anyway though, wasn't it! Interesting that the horse is blind in the sunlight.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a nice change of plans.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Too bad abvout the gelding , but the mare sounds pretty promising

Rising Rainbow said...

Interesting someone didn't know that about the gelding right up front. Pretty important issue to share after you try the horse.

Sounds like Razz did well and you had fun. That's a pretty productive weekend to me.