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Monday, April 25, 2011

Prairie Fire

On Saturday morning I was just getting ready to head over to Jardi's to start Jamaica on his first walk outside the stall and then we were gonna load up and head to Airdrie to work cows.  Before I could get ready, Neil comes in and asks if I will give him a ride to his bike cause he run out of gas and walked home.  So no problem, we head out and as we get there we look over towards the highway and there is smoke, so we look a little closer and can see its on the other side of the highway but not too far.  We phone who we think the land belongs to and head over there.  Of course we don't have any fire fighting gear and I am in rubber boots.  But we found some old clothes of Neils in his truck and there were lots of sloughs around so that was nice.

We first seen the fire on the neighbors road and since I only had my phone with me I got a  couple shots of it on the way there.  It was bad cause there was so much leftover grass from last year and its really weird to see flames from a grass fire.

It turns out the fire trucks couldn't get to the fire cause the ground was too soft.  We had to put it all out by hand.  But about 30 people showed up and we finally got it out about 1:30. We were the first ones there and luckily the second people there was a neighbor who works for Conoco and she shut down the pumpjack cause the fire was already burning into the lease.  It was a little close.

We rushed home and I changed drove to Jardi's, hooked up the trailer and loaded the horses.  Thanks goodness Char waited for me and brought lunch too!  We got to the arena about 4 and rode our ponies and Razz was awesome on the cows, she did everything right ( I made a few mistakes though).  Then I rode Dinero there and he was such a perfect little guy, we walked trotted and loped and he was even good when the guy came in the arena with the backhoe and loaded up the panels.

Jardi and Susan had left before we did so they had worked thier horses on the cows and Jardi rode Kali and she was pretty sweet!  I can't wait till I get to ride her on cows.  She is a little afraid of them coming at her, but I'm sure she will get over that soon.

We finally got home, unloaded, unhooked, the horses all fed and put away and I headed home.  Never got home till about 9:30 and I had a bath and went to bed.  I was exhausted!


Country Gal said...

WOW! Glad you were able to get the fire out and no one was hurt FEW ! A busy day thats for sure ! Sounds good after a day like that bath then bed ! Have a nice day !

lisa said...

Nothing worse than a fire! Sounds like a much needed rest is in order :)

fernvalley01 said...

So glad you and the neighbors saw the fire and were able to get it under control!

Shirley said...

And I thought I was busy- you sure pet in a full day! Fighting fire is mentally and physically exhausting.
Good to hear that Razz is doing well; are you going to show her in ranch cutting this year?

Shirley said...

Put! not pet! Duh!

Rising Rainbow said...

I can imagine how exhausted you'd be with a day like that. Just fighting a fire would be enough to do me in and then you still rode. Good for you.

Janice said...

I like the new Header. Boy that's some list you have going on there...you are going to be very busy.