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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Working on Razz

Well after trimming Razz's feet on Sunday, on Monday I went and we rode pretty hard, and the poor girl was sweaty from head to tail, the only dry spot on her was on her forehead.  We were working on speed control within a gait.  She has mostly figured it out at a trot, but when I ask her to collect, she does then immediatly pulls her head away, so I been holding it and she puts her head up and sideways before back down, she is getting better, it's just not the first thought to put it down. 

At the lope, she hasn't gotten the idea yet, we need more work on it!  After loping, to go back to the trot is really hard for her cause she always wants to go fast again, so making her trot slow is really a challenge for her, but she can do it.   At the lope, her slow lope is awful and rough, if she would quit pulling on me I think it would be a lot nicer, it is almost a relief when she breaks into a trot cause its not so rough.

I took Tuesday off cause our accountant come and that was painful and super slow, but its finally done.  Today we had a lesson on the flag.  I put Razz in a twisted wire snaffle with a martingale.  I was using a regular snaffle, but she was leaning pretty good on me, so I am gonna use the twisted wire for a while then switch back later.  The martingale will hopefully stop her head from going up when I ask her to slow down.

Before the flag, I rode her quite a bit so she would be used to the new bit, and it never bothered her much, but she sure responded quicker.  We moved to the flag and she was so good!  She still sometimes goes past the flag, but her turns were excellent and she was waiting on me when we backed up.  I like riding her on the flag now, way better than we first started.  I never realized how much until today.  Another girl came down to practice the flag with us and her horse had never worked the flag.  She was pretty good, but it just reminded me how much better our horses are after 4 months on the flag.  I think Razz likes the flag too cause it is a pretty short ride and she gets lots of breaks in between work. 

I braided Razz's mane on Monday after riding cause I was hoping she would have less sweat if she didn't have that heavy mane to keep it super warm under there.  I didn't test if it worked today cause she never sweat very much but I'm sure she will tomorrow or Friday.  Guess she really is turning into a high maintenece pony.  Glad she's the only one or it would take all day just to  unblanket and braid and brush them all.

I also listed Dinero on Kijiji, and on Northern Horse, as well as Jamaica, and Jazz.  Im still up in the air about selling the babies, but we shall see.


Shirley said...

You're going to make a cutting horse out of
Razz yet!
Hope you get your horses sold; Kijiji and Northern Horse both worked for me.

lisa said...

She will get the hang of it with you as a trainer ;) I should braid Annie's mane just for the simple fact that she can get awful dredlocks!

Rising Rainbow said...

That's some mane on Razz. I love them long and thick like that.

I've not heard of either of these sites. Guess I should check them out. I really need to get some horses moved and quickly.

5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Crystal, sounds like a good days work, Razz will come along. Sure like the picture of her on your side bar, doesn't look like that much mane till you see it braided. Hope it warms up soon.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Razz's mane looks beautiful and so long and thick. I like that her entire mane is white. It really contrasts beautifully against her mostly black body.
The flag work sounds interesting. Fascinating that 4 months seems to be the lucky number for horses to become skilled with flag work.