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Monday, April 18, 2011

Catching Up

I have to appologize to all my blogger friends cause I feel like I haven't been posting regularuly.  There is no good reason for it, I just haven't had a lot of time.  Besides my camera being left in Ponoka cause Vic couldn't remember what safe place he put it in, and my computer only working for about 15 minutes before it shuts off, and taking time to ride, I just am not motivated to post.

But hopefully that will all change.  I have been reading everyone elses blogs I just haven't been commenting very often.  I am planning on getting back into a routine again here soon, I am hoping anyways.

Well on Saturday we headed up to pick up a gelding for Charlene, he came home with us his name is Cutting Dude and it is very approriate cause he is a cutter :)  Hes pretty sweet.  He got a hock injury last fall and is almost better, there is still some swelling and its got a small scab, but he was never sore on it and so she is conditioning him by riding about 15-20 minutes a day fro this week and a little more next week and so on.  She won't be cutting as soon as with the others she tried, but she has liked him for about a year and so she is okay with that.  Now we just got to talk him into selling me Karcy (who I don't need, but I sure liked her)

On Sunday I moved my horses, Belle, Dinero, George and Bailey to the pasture North of the house.  Last spring I moved a few there so the mares could foal in peace.  This year I left Disco in with the foals and they are sure not gonna bother her.  On Monday I decided to take Dinero over to Jardis to ride for a bit again and so I loaded him up from the pasture and thought maybe Jamaica should come over and get a halter on and some handling cuase he really need his feet done.  So I got Neil to help me get him out and he loaded really good, he was harder to seperate from his buddies than load.

So we put him in a stall and I scratched him a few times yesterday and today I am hoping to get his halter on.  He wasnt even worried standing in the stall in the barn, even when all the other horses were put outside he was okay.  I think he will come around quickly and then maybe I will bring another foal over.

I also rode Razz and I am so amazed at her rollbacks how much improved they are, I remember hating to practice them cause they were so awful, and now I enjoy doing them cause she actually does them right.  Whata  difference!

Theses pics are all from my phone, the colts with Disco, Jazz, and two of Neils funny cards.  I am not very patient when it comes to pics with the camera, but it seems to take okay ones.


Country Gal said...

I think we all get bloggers cramp or block lol there just are times we either havent got alot going on or to much to post , thats the way it goes in blogger land I find. Always love seeing photos of your horses. Have a good day !

Shirley said...

Nice to see no snow at your place, the colt pens look good. Hope you put a more cheerful header photo up soon!

lisa said...

We all know what its like to get busy and not have time to post regularly! Don't feel bad, I sometimes get into a funk that I feel like that I don't have much to post and go a couple of days without doing it. But I still miss my blogging buddies and I come back and post and try to catch up with everyone!

Linda said...

Good to hear from you.......I miss seeing you at yoga ;)

fernvalley01 said...

you have been a busy girl! no wonder you aren't having much time to blog!Nice that you posted all that snowless area! I am jealous

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you have plenty to keep you busy. Glad to hear that RAzz's rollbacks are coming along nicely. That's pretty cool.

Cheyenne said...

Ah, I finally just took any pressure off of blogging and it just is what it is---If I feel like it -great-if I don't-whatever!

You have such a great blog, I always love popping in...and I too, don't always leave comments, sometimes I just don't know what to say! :)

DayPhoto said...

Glad you are back! If spring ever really gets here you will enjoy everything better!