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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Community Pasture and Catch up

Monday I took Razz and Kali out to Jardis and rode Kali on a short ride around the summerfallow field with Char and Dude, and then Susan came out and we went on a really long ride out through some far fields that I had never been before. It took about 2 hours and was a good ride.
(Neil and his horse George)

Tuesday had been a really busy day. In the morning the farrier come and trimmed all the horses. All except Casino and Jamacia (who was trimmed a month ago).....and Jazz, who had a hissy fit when Jason came near her. I kinda thought she mighta been kinda bad, but she was so good to catch, a little silly when I put her halter on but just to get over her nose, she stood really nice. We made the mistake of taking her out in the yard and she didn't want any of it. We shoulda just done her in the corral near the fence. I did get her feet picked up all quiet before I turned her free. Guess I will have to work with her a little more before she gets done again.
(A lot of walking through water)

Afterwards I took Razz and Kali and we went over to Greg and Candices and rode in thier outdoor arena. First was Razz, and I love riding her in my hackmore. We even got a slow circle at the lope! It was so cool! It still is hard to not pull her into a trot, but she is so much more sensitive. I am not sure if its just the change from the snaffle or she just likes it better. The Kali and we had a short ride cause it was getting kinda dark, but it was good. I am still having to work hard on her to keep her in a straight line, but otherwise she was awesome.
(Cows moved really well)

Both Ponies had Wednesday off cause today we headed up early to ride at the community pasture.  Razz thought I was kinda strange when I caught her before the sun was up (and so did I to tell the truth).  We went out and there was so much water out there he told us it would be a longer ride cause of that.  I was okay with that, and it turned out to be about 3 hours.
(Cows on the island.  Did I mention there was lots of water?)

We walked through a lot of water and it actually worked good cause the cows didn't want to turn around and go back south cause there was water on one side and they didn't go through it.  We got them all in and sorted by noon. 
(Coming into the corrals)

Most of the time we walked but a little trotting and loping back out cause some were on an island and Stewart and Colt went to get them, so we got the others in and went out to help them (even though they probly didn't need help).
(sorting in the alleyway)

There was only our 45 pair and Wanda's 36 pair in the field, so it seemed like not very many there.  And sorting sure goes fast when she has all blue ear tags and we have all briscuit tags.  Only two pens, sure was nice.  Usually there is at least 3 more people who come out on the same day, but they are going another day this year.
(at home and all mothered up)


Country Gal said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Loved your photos, beautiful lands. I would love to ride for hours I used to when I was younger with my horse I miss having horses now heck I miss hobby farming. Papa and I are working on it though lol Have a wonderful eve.

Nancy's Notes said...

What a day at the ranch! We live in Texas and I grew up going to the ranch quite a bit. I loved riding horses, don't now. I love ranch country, horses, cattle and the outdoors. It's so neat that you ride often and are right in the big middle so ranching life. I'm fascinated by your blog, I'll be back!


5 Starr's Farm said...

Lot of riding, I know you enjoyed it, good for the horses to, to have work.

fernvalley01 said...

some good big calves there

Shirley said...

I guess the price I pay for moving back to B.C. is not being able to do stuff like this. (Pout).

Linda said...

I sure was ear flap weather with that wind yesterday. Hope your calves sell well when the time comes.

Janice said...

I'm with Shirley (Pout)There are cattle ranches around here but I don't know the people so no chances to work any cows.I miss the Caribou country....well not all of it but the ranching cattle part of it.....oh well you lucky lady....thanks for letting us live vicariously threw you.