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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Community Poker Rally

(Too many people, some had to walk the first part)

Today was a poker rally for our community. I took Kali and headed down.  There are wagons on this ride and she had never seen a wagon before so that was kinda interesting for a while.  It was better after we followed Andy's Wagon that was full of people and I don't think she knew it was a wagon until he turned and by then it was okay.
(Old Ferrymans House)

We started at a neighbors and went down towards the river to checkpoint two.  Then back through the bush to checkpoint three.  And on the way to checkpoint four, we followed the river and went by where there used to be a ferry and the old ferry shack was still there.  Kinda neat, cause I only been down there once before and I didn't know most of that was there.
(If you look closely there is a hornets nest in the tree)

(an old worn out building)
Kali found a really scary tire that was filled with water (a spring) and she was really thirsty but she was pretty sure it might attack!  But then her thirst overtook (and Kate's horse was drinking) so she eventually got in and got a much needed drink.
(following the herd by the river)

(Stewart and Marion and thier team of Belgians)

Some of the trail was a little muddy cause they had about half inch of rain on Thursday night and she didn't care for that, but I don't blame her on that.  She also never figured out that if we walk right close behind the wagon the bushes don't hit you in the face.  I prefer to keep a little space between us and the wagon just in case something goes wrong.

(John and Janice and thier team of Tennasee Walkers)

We had a couple small spooks, one when a horse stepped on a branch and it broke at the same time he farted from behind us.  Then when Whitney's dog was climbing under the oil well site and the grass was tall she couldn't see what was moving.   But the were only a couple steps and she quieted down right afterwards. 

(Andy and his Team Pat and Pearl)
All in all was beautiful weather and I was really happy with her, but she was sure happy to climb in the trailer and go home to her grain and her friends.
     (the buckle I won as a door prize, May be the only one I get so I will treasure it!)


fernvalley01 said...

Cool! I haven't been on a poker rally in years!

Linda said...

We missed it. We had some fence fix in some high grass and took advantage of the rain the day before.....work, work and more work. NEXT year for sure. Thanks for taking us along.

Shirley said...

Good girl Kali, I remember the first time I rode behind a wagon on my mare Sundeee- she jigged the whole ride. There are some nice looking teams there.
Nice buckle too.


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