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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ponies and More Ponies

Well I was looking out at my ponies and checking on them so of course got some more pics of them :)  First George walking around impatiently waiting for me to feed him.

And Bailey just patiently waiting till I quit fooling with the camera and feed George then its her turn.

And Casino cute as ever, with her white body and brown head and legs, I am thinking she won't stay this white, but sure is easy to pick her out of the herd from far away.

Ands Jamaica, so friendly and getting to be quite a looker.  I had a couple people interested in him, nothing serious yet, but sure wouldn't mind keeping him for myself.

And Jazz, she is getting quite stocky, I am afraid to ride her cause I am sure I will really like her.  She is pretty and quite a bit like Razz (right down to the left eye that had white around it!) and so she should be good.  But I know I can't keep em all, even if I want to.

But sure are turning into some nice ponies here.  Can't say I'm sad about any of the babies I have had here.   Yesterday my neighbor come and he wanted Casino if she was a boy.  Shoot!  Would match his big roan horse too.


Country Gal said...

They are all beautiful. I miss having horses but theres still time as Papa and I want a hobbie farm like the one I grew up on thats our future dream, would love to have one here but not enough land. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Shirley said...

What's with all these guys who won't ride mares? They should have taken notice at the Supreme, how many of the top performance horses were mares.
The foals are all looking good. I sure like Jazz's markings, she's a flashy girl.

Linda said...

I lide Casino.......pretty, pretty!

Linda said...

I lide Casino.......pretty, pretty!

fernvalley01 said...

I am liking that Casino filly! Woulda wanted her if she was a colt??? give your head a shake man! She is a lovely horse . I like Jamaica too

Janice said...

I think all your babies are nice but I'm kinda in love with Casino...another misguided soul, he is missing out on what should be an awesome horse.I liked your ride along on the poker rally you had me chuckling with your story telling abilities....it was like you were sitting right here.You really did get a good haul from the Trade Fair...there was certainly a lot of stuff worthy of taking home.