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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday, but not Sunday Stills

This week I am skipping out on Sunday Stills cause I have just been to busy to get out and get some rock pics.  I actually have some cool ones somewhere of the same rock that is the example.  But didn't have time to find them.  So instead I am just gonna give an update. 

On Tuesday I rode Kali out with Charlene, I knew I wanted to get a few more rides on her before she went to the trainer.  We had a really nice long ride (about hour and half).  Afterwards, on the way home, I hit a deer.  Bumper of truck doesn't look real bad and no serious damage which was good, but still a surprise.  I didn't even see it jump out of the weeds until less time than it took me to step off the gas till I hit it.  Which was probly better that way cause I always worry about hauling a trailer and hitting a deer.  And tow people were coming from the other direction so nothing I could do. 

  Then Wednesday I also rode out, but this time I took Razz and  Charlene and Susan and Jardi come.  So that was really nice.  Been a hard go this past few months for Jardi so it was good for us all to get out and relax for a change.

Thursday we headed into Drum and me and Char and Susan got measured up for Chaps.  I am picking black suede with a zipper all the way down the side and some kind of tooling on the waistband and maybe my initials.  I also want 3 diamonds of leather with a concho on them going down the leg.  We probly wont have them till February, but it will be worth it.  Afterwards Char took Dude over to Greg and Candice's and worked the flag.  I took some video and pictures of her.  I never brought a horse over cause the measuring lady was allergic to horses, so we didn't want to irritate  her allergies.  Char is going to her first show on the 29th so she  needs lots of practice before then.  I probly wont show till the 26th of November, so I have a little more time to get ready.

Friday I stayed home and cleaned the house and washed blankets and new sheets on the beds and all that kind of fun fall stuff.  The Saturday I got up early so we could go work cows in Airdrie.  I rode Kals first and she is still a little afraid of them when they all come at her, but she sure has some fun moves. I didn't do much with her cause I don't want to mess her up.  Then i rode Razz and it took her a while to figure out that even though all summer we been chasing cows back to the herd, now we want to get them out of the herd.  But she did way better than I expected for not doing it for 5 months or so. 

Afterwards we dropped of Kali and Doug's and then headed to K and k in Strathmore and Char bought a new girth and a cooler that actually fits Dude.  Ricki is so much bigger than Dude so all her stuff is huge on him.  (Ricki wears a 80 blanket and Dude fits 74 easily)  Then I went grocery shopping then headed home and today we are weaning out calves.  So should be noisy around here for a couple days.


Shirley said...

Lucky you getting to play with cows on both your horses. Good luck to Charlene on her first show!f
Not so lucky you hitting the deer, but at least you didn't have to slam on the brakes with horses in the trailer. Poor silly deer though.

fernvalley01 said...

Busy days! The chaps sound nice

Leah Fry said...

The chaps do sound nice. Pix when you get them.

How long will those babies keep wailing for their mamas?

Linda said...

I need to get my flannel sheets washed and put on the bed since we still don't have a furnace working. I'm looking forward to seeing your chaps;)