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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Complaining (Sorry)

Well we got all weaned, and sold all the steers and half the heifers.  We only want to keep some replacements, but Neil's Dad decided to buy a few and he will run them up at Stettler next summer then sell them bred next fall.  I don't think its a good idea, but I don't have a choice in it I guess.  

We went to watch them sell in Brooks and we got there just as they were finished.  They went through a lot faster than Neil thought they would but we did pretty good on them even if we didn't get the stress of watching them sell. 

Afterwards we went shopping and I got a new office chair for my birthday.  It was a little more expensive than I thought, but Neil was determined we buy it in Brooks and only one store had any choice so that's where we got it at.

When we got home, the cows had gotten out of course cause the fence on one side is not very good, but it just goes into another field which wasn't a problem, but when they moved the cows, they left the gate open, so there were cows in the yard again.  Its no wonder I wanted a fence around the lawn, sure was glad of that when we got home.

Just put up a short video of what it sounds like around here.  I am hoping by tomorow most of the cows will have wandered away and it will be only a few stragglers left mooing in yard.  Sure liked how we did it when i worked at the ranch, we weaned the calves and moved them to another yard and the cows only hung around a day and a half maybe cause there was noone bawling back.  And the calves hardly ever made a noise cause no cows to bawl at them.  I think weaning is more stressful on the cows than the calves.


Country Gal said...

Cool video I love the sound of cattle bellowing. It reminded me of an old song with the cowboys whistling and yelling at their heard as they are rounding them up ! Its a cowboy legend called ( Ghost Riders In the Sky ) its from the 60s erra .Great post to gald you found the office chair you wanted. Have a wonderful day !

Country Gal said...

Correction song is from the 40s a interesting legend !

Janice said...

It is just a little loud around there. Did we miss your Birhtday or is it coming.

Shirley said...

A mini version of that here! Mostly they have quit hollering now.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Makes me miss the ranch.

fernvalley01 said...

Well Happy Birthday , I think I missed that somewhere . Bawling mommas is a sound that I can't really say I miss .Ours settled down in about 3 days . But we sort and load the calves out right away too