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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Work

Well its getting that time of year again when we gotta get ready for winter.  We been doing that for a while now, but the weather is so nice its hard to believe its the 18th of October already!  We are planning on weaning our calves on Sunday for the Monday sale, so its all coming quickly.  Neil has been working on fixing the fences in the corral and the calf feeders.  Pretty well done there.  I still need to check fences in the winter pasture for my horses and wean Casino.
(pulling the step away from house)

We have done some work around the yard as well, we pulled the front step and filled underneath it cause we thought the mice were getting in there, but couldn't see any holes so I guess we gotta keep looking.  
(not much underneath it)

We also filled dirt on the North side of the house to keep creatures out and snow from melting towards house.  Last winter had so much snow it kinda made a mess of stuff and we are hoping it won't happen again this winter.
(all put back, just like new)

Since our beef should be coming home this week, I have cleaned out and defrosted the freezer.  Amazing how much junk is in there from many years ago.  I threw out a lot of old food.  Kinda sad, I am hoping to keep up a little better with the upright than the chest freezer we had before.
(dirt by house)

I also have cleaned out the laundry room and mopped everything and now its all sitting in the hallway and I don't want it to go back in there, but since we are having people here for supper Sunday I best get it all done.  I have thrown out at least one giant garbage bag from in there, and there will be more to go.  Some of this stuff is so old and has been here since before me and not looked at, so its gonna go.
(clean and defrosted freezer)


Country Gal said...

We have the same upright freezer I love it . WOW busy busy lady. Have a wonderful eve.

fernvalley01 said...

Busy days this time of year! I think I would like an upright freezer too one day , things fall to the bottom of a chest freezer and you don't know what you have!

Janice said...

Busy Busy you are always up to something.

Anonymous said...

Looks like what we are doing. I just wanted to suggest putting a dry erase board and marker on the freezer to keep track of what is in there. easy peasy - write stuff down as it goes in and wipe it off as it comes out. Works for us, anyhow. Having the marker right there on the board turned out to be the key for me.