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Monday, October 3, 2011


Well I was all set to post about the supreme today, but last night on my Way home from riding Kali, I could see smoke, so I called Neil and told him to have a look.  He said it looks a long ways away and phoned another neighbor.  Well I got home like 5 minutes later and fed Kals and put her back and we decided we should go look and make sure its not too bad.

Turns out it was a vehicle and he was driving down a lease road and he had no gas, and so he coasted down a hill and then his check engine oil light came on and then he saw flames.  So he got out of the truck and it was on fire.  No time for him to even get anything out of the truck.

He called the fire department but we arrived before they did and so did a oilfield water truck and he was putting it out so we just watched.  It was amazing how much a vehicle burns.  The front tire wouldn't go out, it kept flaring up.  And the hood was totally melted and the windows were gone, not sure if they blew out or what.

We just stood around with all our neighbors and watched.  Then the fire department come and super power sprayed it and then they foamed the bottom to make it cool off and quit sparking.  I guess he said something about magnesium keeps sparking and re lighting the fire.

The cops showed up then and took a report cause apparently it was a rental vehicle and so easier for insurance that way.  The driver of the truck was working locally in the area with the ferruginous hawk people.

It was amazing the truck probly burned for an hour and a half and none of the grass was lit on fire.  He was pretty close to a dugout and it was all kinda slough grass but was dry.  Pretty neat to see.


Country Gal said...

Oh WOW ! awesome photos. Glad no one was injured. Have a good day !

Shirley said...

That's quite a sight. Good thing it didn't start a grass fire. Looking forward to your post on the Supreme!

5 Starr's Farm said...

Oh my gosh......was it a fairly new truck? glad no one was hurt. Saw the picture of you ladies on Shirley's blog, "Nice looking group of Gals".
Hope to meet you all someday.

fernvalley01 said...

Holy smoke! Pardon the pun , glad no one was hurt and the fire did not spread

Linda said...

I sure watch where I'm driving when the grass is as dry as it is.....I was watching the power company poke through the ditch in the tall clover yesterday and hoped the exhaust didn't set a fire.

Janice said...

I can't believe the grass never caught on fire .....good thing.Hey I like your Sunday Stills too. The Lillies are lovely.