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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Canadian Supreme -- Saturday

Saturday I got up bright and early so I could get back in time to watch Jardi and Shaken in reining and Greg was in cowhorse.  I didn't get the schedule on Friday night so  I didn't want to miss anything.  I got there just in time to see Doug Reinhardt go and win the 4 year old cutting class in first and second!  That was pretty cool!

Shirley and Janice came back in the morning as well to watch more. They stayed till about noon, which means they missed both Jardi and Greg, but they wanted to get home.  We watched a lot of cutting and there was a horse called Sophisticated Bratt.  Must be outta Sohisticated Catt I would imagine, but I missed hearing that.

In the three year old cutting class, I got a video of Doug on Minnie Merada, unfortunatly he didn't have good cows till the last one, but still neat.  He got a score of 135.

Then also in that class was a horse called Annies Goodie Bag, he is outta Annies Cat, same as Tom that Jardi used to have.  Kinda looked like him too.

Then I find out Jardi scratched Shaken from reining cause he wouldn't turn one direction so she figured he was sore and didn't want him to go.  But in that class was Amanda Antifev who we watched score a 150.5!  That was an amazing run.  But we also saw this horse called Isle Sail Wright Off and I know Shirleys stallion Beamer is something about Isle so I got a pic of him even though its not that great cause there was too many people and I didn't want to stand up and block anyones view.

Then the fence work for the cowhorse show. The three year olds.  Its amazing what those horses can do at 3!  We saw a couple people we knew in this class, one is our farrier and we go ride at his arena quite often, Greg Coffin.  I got a video of him and he looked so good!  He actually won the limited Open as well as getting third in the Open, so a good payday for them.  He got a 140 in cutting, a 134 in reining, and a 147 in cowhorse for a total of 421.

I got so much good stuff at the trade fair as well, two show saddle pads.  I really like the single layer ones then when I put a neoprene under it and its perfect.

I also got a pair of jeans for $29 and a pretty purse.  The lady selling the purses runs the arena at the Hoodoos and so if I ever want the wallet (which I already do, lol)  I can get it easily.  The jeans are Auras and they are so comfortable they felt like I had them forever.

I also bought two blankets for Kali, a winter one and a summer sheet.  The summer sheet is from the same lady who makes my coolers and it is super tough, I love it.

The winter blanket is not as tough, but I don't think she will be in a place where it gets torn to badly, not sure if she will be outdoors or in either, but I wanted her to have a blanket anyways.  And I love how it fits around her neck, should not fall behind her withers that way.

I really enjoyed myself there and sure can't wait till next year.


Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos. Looks like a fun day ! Have a wonderful day !

lisa said...

Thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had a great time and love the purse!

fernvalley01 said...

Nice loot , and you got some great pictures!

Shirley said...

That's pretty funny that we all bought purses! Except Janice. Who made the blankets? I really like the pattern on the winter one.
Beamer is a grandson of Isle Breeze.