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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Dinero and Jamaica

This week I been doing quite a bit of work with Jamaica. On Monday I went over and took him out of the stall and he was soo good.  Now he is so quiet, almost looking for people to visit him or to let him out of the stall.  I can just walk in and halter him no problem.  When in the alley way I tied him up and then brought over the wheelbarrow and cleaned his stall.  It was 30 there, so I didn't do a real good job cause I was melting, but good enough to last a few more days.

I rode Dinero alone cause no one else was around and I thought it might have been cooler to ride in the arena but after about 5 minutes I realized I forgot to water the arena so as soon as I started trotting it was really dusty, so we headed outside.  We walked out in the summer fallow field and he headed for a slough that I didn't want to go in, but he sure did.  So we headed there.  Since so many horses (like Kali) don't like to cross water I have a hard time not letting them go to it when they want to.  But since the edges were soft and muddy, his feet were black when we got home so he got another bath.

Yesterday I went over a little later in hopes it would be a little cooler, and it was a little bit, only about 25.  As soon as I got there, I caught Dinero and tied him in barn then got out Jamaica and tied him up too, and went to brushing him and I even sprayed his mane and brushed it and he was soo well behaved.

(its really hard to take pics in the barn)
Then Char came and we went out riding and were out a long ride about hour and a half and  we did a little loping and Dinero can go really fast!  It was funny, usually he does a slow arena lope, but he was really moving.  And best of all, when we slowed down to a walk, he was really calm.

Then today I went out with Char and Susan and Kendra and we went for another long ride and it was hot again!  Whew I was tired, but Dinero was good, he is getting so the dogs don't bother him anymore, he still tries to eat them if they walk in front of him, but okay with them running all around.  I also brushed Jamaica again, and maybe tomorrow I will takcle his tail, havent been brave enough yet, but he is so good with everything else, so no reason he should be a problem brushing the tail.


Linda said...

We've had to ride the past few days too......mornings are best. I just might have to come and try Dinero....are you going to the Hayes sale on Saturday?

Shirley said...

Sounds like a good day with good horses.