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Monday, August 15, 2011

Camp, Clinic, And Gelded!

Well My Internet has been out again for a long time, well probly like 3 days but it feels like forever.  I feel so lost when I cant face book and blog.  But we had the guy out today and one of our connectors was not connecting, so he replaced it and amazing how much better it works now!

It was a long weekend, on Friday I headed to Calgary and pick up my sister then headed to Gull Lake to pick up the nephews, we stopped at Cross-Iron mills to shop but all we ended up doing was eating then staring at the wonderful chocolates at Rocky Mountain Cholatiers, mm mm I could stay there all day!  Then we haded back into Calgary to my cousins kids 6th birthday party.  It was a pool party and even though the pool water was cold, all the kids loved it.  Then drop of the sister and nephews and go home. 

Saturday I headed out with Charlene to Airdrie to watch the Leon Harrel cutting clinic.  I wish I had entered, but it was $1200 for the 3 days and I just don't think my horse was far enough along to justify that much money, but he is awesome.  Charlene hauled her trailer along (empty) cause she hasn't driven much and really wants to start hauling so she thought this was a good opportunity.  She done good, we even went to K and K on the way home then into Strathmore and fueled up and no problems, I think she will be fine, if she doesn't get lost.  And she said she felt way more relaxed that trip cause her trailer had brakes and the other one didn't.  After that, she unhooked it at Jardi's and then we went riding.  Dinero was awesome, he  is so much better when I don't have to haul before I ride.  Not sure why, but so far that's the case.

I stayed overnight at Chars then we headed back to Airdrie (no trailer this time) and watched again, and in the afternoon they have a competition and it is very cool.  Its amazing how much improvement there was in all riders, but some just huge!  There were sure a couple nice horses there.  Jardi had Leon riding Tangle for the whole clinic and he looked really good out there.  We came home and went riding again and we worked on trotting a few circles and backing and spins and side passing.  Dinero still remembers it all, and he was good.  I sure like him better the more I am riding him, but still think I want to sell him.  And he is soooo big!  I forgot to measure him, but I'm sure he must be at least 15.1.  Which isn't big to some, but compared to all my other ponies he is.

And today, I had and appointment for Jamaica to get gelded, totally forgot Jardi was at Trainers Day with Leon, and so no helpers,  but it didn't matter, he was awesome!  L led him into arena and the vet thought he might get a little wild, but he was so relaxed and didn't even flinch when he stuck the needle in his vein.  He was almost falling over asleep after just the first shot, so when he got the second on he went down on the left side like the vet wanted and just laid there.  We got him cut and his wolf teeth pulled and he had a nap.  We were laughing at him cause he was snoring!  But then he got up and just stood there wondering what went on and then I took off his halter and let him loose int he arena for a couple hours to move around.  When I went to put him back in his stall he just started walking away then turned to look at me and stood nice to put his halter on.  The he led good to the arena doors but WOULD NOT walk through.  Grrr!  SO I left him there and went and got Ricki and tied him in the alley way and then I could get him back in alley and into his stall.  Never thought there would be a problem cause we had no trouble getting him in arena to start.  So the rest of the week when I have to exercise him I will make sure to have a horse in barn and maybe some help around.


fernvalley01 said...

Goodness you have been busy!!! Glad it went well with Jamaica

Shirley said...

I'd love to watch a cutting clinic. That's one of the things I miss about Alberta.
I hope you find a good home for Dinero; I still think he's going to be a really good horse for some lucky person.